Proudly Introduces: The One Day Home Staging Training Webinar Course is proud to introduce a new One Day Home Staging Webinar Training with Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® on August 23, 2012, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Pacific West Coast Time. Statistics prove that Staged Homes sell faster and/or for more money than the competition in any market! Through the convenience and the magic of webinars Barb is giving a one day Home Staging Training Webinar that can help show you what to do and how to do it so you can Stage® any home. This course is designed for Stagers, Homeowners, Investors, Real Estate agent and Assistants, Organizers, Interior Designers, or anyone who is considering having a Home Staging Career… With Barb’s One Day Webinar Training you can expect to gain knowledge, passion, and an understanding of what to apply to Stage® your home, investments or someone else’s home. Barb will be giving you the true “How To’s’ of Home Staging. Learning from the actual Creator of Home Staging® and developer of the Home Staging Industry is not only a treat but time well vested on your part because it is packed with education and ideas that will work for you. Register to attend Barb’s One Day Home Staging Course Webinar Now, see link below (or any of her full ASP® Home Staging Courses in the future.) You will be so glad you did… You will learn:
  • What Home Staging Really Is
  • The Big Difference Between Home Staging and Design or Decorating
  • Why and How Home Staging Earns Sellers More Money in a Faster Amount of Time
  • Why and How Home Staging Earns RE Agents and/or Investors More Money in a Faster Amount of Time
  • Many of Barb’s Home Staging Sayings
  • The 7 parts of Staging
  • The Steps to De-cluttering The Property
  • Getting the Property Q-Tip Clean
  • The Keys to Using the Right Colors for Staging a Home, Inside and Out
  • How To Stage® and Do It Right!
  • Barb’s Proven Steps to Staging Every Room
  • Staging Ideas for Staging Each Room
  • Learn what Furniture Works For Staging
  • What should be in a Home Staging Inventory
  • Learn about whether You Need to Build an Inventory or Not
  • Learn How to Accessorize Rooms
  • Does the House Need a Full Staging or Will a Vignette Staging Work, and What is the Difference
  • How to Stage the Outside of a Property!
  • And much more… for $295.00

Click here to register today or call 800-392-7161

***(It is important that you understand Barb is giving no designation for this ONE DAY WEBINAR COURSE on Home Staging. Should you desire in the Future to Earn Your ASP®, Accredited Staging Professional® Designation you may do so. The investment you make in this class will then be subtracted from the ASP® Course Investment at the time you decide to earn Your ASP® Home Staging Designation. After you take this one day class you will not be featured on the® site, you will not have access to The Staging University®, you will not be able to post your houses on® and you will not become an automatic member of the IAHSP® Association. These benefits are only available to fully graduated accredited, active ASP®’s through®)

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