Staging Makes the Difference in Any Market Every Time

Everything I learned about Professional Home Staging I learned form Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® and As THE originator of Home Staging and THE person with more passion for the Home Staging Industry than anyone alive I look to no other for direction in my profession. Home Staging is about changing lives more than the appearance of homes. Most of us have sold a home; it is one of the most stressful times in life. ASP Home Stagers get that and always put the client; their needs and priorities first. When seller, Realtor® & Stager “get” that ASP Staging is a given. I recently Staged a new townhome in a complex purchased as part of  millions of dollars worth of a builders bank owned property in Palm Harbor, FL. Often in this market, sellers believe, there was little or no money to invest in Home Staging to sell.  One employee pushed for Staging – I thank him!  There were eleven new townhomes just sitting there. Of the two floor plans one was not generating interest – left unfurnished it was blah – potential buyers had no idea how to furnish the place. After the Realtor® recommended my company Stage one of the units we did … I am pleased to say, after FIVE months on the market with no offers & no interest 100% or THREE SOLD within a month. This is the power of what Barb Schwarz has taught me; what is all about … This seller could not afford to pass on ASP Home Staging as it saved them money & time on the market!! Changing Lives through the Power of Home Staging! Jan

2 thoughts on “Staging Makes the Difference in Any Market Every Time

  1. We have also seen dramatic results even in this down market. We staged a vacant home that sat on the market for over a year. Within 3 days they had 3 offers and sold in 6 days. We have also sold many in the first week on the market.

    Last week, another sold in 4 days for full price! It makes a hugh difference. People love the staged look and want that lifestyle. Our staged homes look elegant, comfortable and gorgeous.

  2. Thank you so much Dan for your great input….thank you for sharing….how fabulous…and it is not to good to be true….think about how many homes are for sale that the buyer has to chose from….the ones that sell are the Staged Homes….it just makes sense and ASP Staged Homes have the biggest advantage of all…as there is a real difference between ASP Staged and non ASP Staged…and I hear that and see that in every market….keep up your great work!!! I am so very, very proud of you and thank you for sharing the great stats of ASP Staging in this market too!

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