Staging Offers Clue in Mystery Novel

“Staging proved to be such an effective tool to evoke mood and suggest a lifestyle that when I wrote my first real estate mystery novel, I knew Staging would have a place in it.” In the early 1990s, then-Realtor Nancy Lynn Jarvis incorporated what she’d learned about Home Staging from the classes taught by Barb Schwarz into her real estate business. Years later, venturing into a new career as a mystery writer, the concept of Staging, created by Schwarz in 1972, had made such an impression that she made Staging part of the mystery novel The Death Contingency. “I decided to give the story’s Realtor character an important clue by having her preview a staged home and realize the concept of staging might be used to sell reality as well as a house.” Want to know more? Click here to read the first chapters of Jarvis’ novel.

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