Staging Success! Seller tranforms House based on our ASP Staging Recommendations!

Here is the AFTER Story of a blog post I put up about the seller whose house had been on the market for over a year!  The sellers hired an ASP REALTOR (yeah!) who brought in my company to do a Staging Consultation Report.  The seller told us that they were “Stagers” – and when we talked more about that – I found out they had been to a re-design class – not a Staging course.  Inside the house, there were tasteful colors, too many custom color selections, and big Staging no-no’s in the house.  See for yourselves the before and after photos that tell the story of the changes made based on our ASP Staging recommendations! 

The house was just relisted on the market and we expect to hear a success story shortly. 

– Jennie

The living room had a LARGE pool table in it – one of the big “DON’Ts” in the Staging world!  It had never occurred to the seller (or the other Realtor, evidently) to move the pool table OUT of the room!  The after photo – now THAT is what a buyer would expect to see when they walk in the front door – a nicely arranged Living Room!


Challenge #2:  The BAR set up in what is supposed to be the FORMAL DINING ROOM. OK for living, but not good for selling.  The Seller put their nook table that was way too big for that spot – in the dining room – based on our recommendations.  After picture shows how nice the romo is as a dining room.  Again, it had not occurred to the Seller to make these changes.

Next challenge area:  The Family Room.  Too many big pieces and wall color that was OK for living, but not for selling.  The photo looks darker than normal because the paint color is sucking all the ambient light in the room.  We recommended painting the walls – and suggestsed they cut the yellow wall color shown in the before photo – in half and half again to get a similar tone.  The AFTER photo looks so much better!  The loveseat was used in the living room to help create that grouping.

Next challenge area – the nook table was TOO big in the Before photo.  At a different angle and in photos – the table “looked like a landing strip” according to the seller that by now “got it” about re-arranging things in the house.  She had a smaller pub table in the garage – much better for the space and photos.


Final challenge area – the Master bedroom had very large pieces, and dark wall color that was too custom.  Again, giving the sellers a plan for rearranging and removing some of the pieces, plus repainting the walls – what a transformation!

Overall – we were really pleased with the outcome and that the seller was willing to implement the suggestions we made – with care and sincerity – so that they can achieve their goal of selling their house.  All the wonderful custom things they had done in the house for living – well they can do those same things in the house they move to – and make it their own “home.”

If you are selling your house in the greater Sacramento area, contact us for information on how we can help you Stage your house for sale – call 888-WE-STAGE.

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