ASP® Staging Success Stories as Told by ASPs®

I love hearing success stories! Virtually every day I hear from ASP® Stagers and REALTORS® all around North America, even internationally, share stories on how their Staging assignments made a difference for their seller, and agent when applicable. They also share how becoming a Stager changed their lives, and how the ASP® Real Estate Agent […]

Staging a Home to Sell Faster and for More Money

Home sellers and REALTORS® have two priorities: sell the property fast and for as much money as possible. Market-sensitive pricing and a well-executed marketing plan to get the most attention in the marketplace are of course crucial. Equally important is to make sure a property makes a first great impression. These days, with more than […]

Make the Most of Your ASP® Membership: Showcase Your Success through

At we are committed to providing ASPs® with benefits that will help grow their businesses. We invite ASPs® around the country and world to share success stories, photos and videos at the blog, and at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Casting Call: Invites Realtor® Associations to Host Accredited Staging Professional® Courses has enjoyed working closely with Realtor® Associations across the United States as they have hosted the Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) course for many years, and is now inviting more associations across the United States to become hosts of the ASP® Designation program. Our partnerships with local associations are built on the foundation of […]

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Our Commitment to Giving an Extensive Range of Business Tools and a Platform for Lifelong Learning

Did you know that you can attend as many ASP® classes as you’d like after you’ve earned your ASP® Designation? Are you familiar with all the materials, marketing and business-building tips, vendor offers at the Staging University®? Are you making the most of your membership in IAHSP®, networking with other ASPs® to get inside success […]

ASPs®: Let Your Value Be Known

What’s the value we as ASPs® bring to the real estate transaction? With a plethora of online resources and other information channels, what do we offer Realtors® and consumers they cannot find elsewhere or do by themselves? We know what we offer, but do they know it? Are we telling them? How can we tell […]

Share Your Staging® Success Stories at the Facebook Fan Page

I’m so proud of all our ASPs®. You truly make a difference for so many real estate professionals and consumers, and I’m proud to share a story of yet another successful Staging® project. Sharon Soons, ASP® Home Stager® & Professional Organizer of Streamline U. serves the Metro NYC and the Hudson Valley and she recently […]

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Business Plan Tip 4: Advance Your Staging Techniques in 2010

In the last several weeks I’ve shared with you detailed instructions you can put to use as you prepare your 2010 business plan. I’ve covered how to create SWOT analysis, financial planning and monitoring, opportunities with blogging, and how to create a powerful value message.  Today I thought I’d share my recommendations specifically for the […]

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“Let Me Tell You How I Work”: How to Create a Powerful Value Message and Why it Matters

You’re at an open house together with a Realtor® you’d like to form a business relationship with when a visiting broker stops and asks what brought you there. “I’m an Accredited Home Staging Professional,” is likely your response. Unfortunately, that description will not spell out the value you bring to a transaction to the consumers […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Consider Earning the ASPM® Designation

“How will I benefit from earning the ASPM® designation?” The other day I received an email from a recent ASP® graduate who had seen information about the upcoming Accredited Staging Professional Masters Course in Atlanta, GA. She said she’d read articles by those who already hold the designation at the Stagedhomes blog, and she said […]

Home Staging: My Passion Continues Now and Through the Many Years…..

I feel so blessed. Blessed to have had the opportunity to share my passion with over a million Realtors® over the years. For many years, I have traveled the nation and North America , typically one city a day, 40 weeks a year, sharing my message of Home Staging. These years make up the foundation […]