5 Tips for Staging a Smaller City Home

  You’re hoping to stage your city home, but there’s one small problem. The square footage. It’s far more challenging to attract buyers and finalize a deal when your living space is… “cozy.” So how do you move past your limitations and make a big impact with a small home? What are the best ways […]

4 Things Buyers Love to Find in a New Home

Homeowners on the hunt for their perfect piece of property often understand that some compromises have to be made. However, the more a home caters to what buyers love to see, the likelier it is that a purchase will be made. Read on to learn just what features home buyers are hoping to find in […]

How to Fortify Your Roof to Prevent Common Wear and Tear Damage

To keep the structure of your home protected, you’ll want to make sure that your roof is fortified to help everything remain intact. Major structural problems of a home often start with a failing roof, and your entire abode could be in danger if you don’t take the right precautions. These four tips can be […]

4 Overlooked Repairs to Make before Listing Your Home

Small details are important when you’re trying to sell a home. Potential buyers don’t want to inherit a laundry list of problems and repairs. Before you post that retail listing, walk through your home and make note of anything that is old, broken, or outdated.   Replace the Window Screens   Window screens serve an […]

4 Home Add-Ons to Help You Get More out of Your Investment

Add-ons can do a lot for your lifestyle. They can do a lot for your home itself as well. If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, add-ons can work. They can even strengthen the value of your dear residential property. These add-ons in particular can take your home to a higher level. It’s […]

Take the Hassle Out of Moving Home With these 14 Strategies

If your moving date is edging ever-closer, you may be starting to feel the overwhelming panic that can come from moving all of your possessions from one house to another. And for good reason!   In fact, studies show that moving house can actually be more stressful than getting divorced, so you’re in good company […]

Importance Of Getting Kitchen Drains Cleaned Periodically

  Sinks are an important kitchen and bathroom accessory. It is important not to leave any blockages in order to remove water from the sewage quickly when washing hands, food or dishes. However, if you have to deal with such a clogged drain, you have to identify the possible causes and how to fix the […]

4 Landscaping Strategies for Homeowners with Large Front Yards

Homeowners with the good fortune to have a large front yard are often overwhelmed at what to do with all the extra space. Many of them have grown up in homes that were situated near the street in order to maximize the backyard so that there would be enough room for swing sets, swimming pools, […]

Learn Where You Live – Home Staging Courses Coming to YOUR Area!

Stagedhomes.com, the WORLD Leader in Home Staging Education, is coming to a city near you!  Check out our classes now through the end of 2018.  We are lining up all of course locations for 2019, and are excited for where we will be teaching throughout the country.  Don’t live near one of these cities or […]

8 Areas to Deep Clean Before Staging a Home

8 Areas to Deep Clean Before Staging a Home If you have decided to sell your house, one crucial step in making sure that it will be out of the property market soon is to keep it clean and appealing. This way, potential buyers will be drawn to the house and take time to check […]