Thank you for attending our wonderful 2010 ASP IAHSP Convention Cruise!

Dearest Great ASP’s® and ASPM’s® of our Wonderful 2010 Convention! Thank you so very, very much for attending our wonderful 2010 ASP® IAHSP® Convention! I have been so touched and impressed by each of you and all of you. Thank you for your pictures and letters and emails to me. I so greatly appreciate them, each one and each of you. I also want to thank you for sharing together as you all did….. for this is who we are and what we stand for: sharing, caring, leading, education, and the coming together for the good of all. You are each truly magnificent! I want to again thank all of our great committees and committee members. They made such a difference for us all in the time, talent, and work that they did to help us put on our great convention! Each committee really invested quality time and talent making great things happen for all at convention! I think each of you who worked on a committee from the bottom of my heart…… I placed your names in the program so everyone knows who you are and also it was a pleasure to have you come on stage for us all to be able to acknowledge you. Thank you to: The ASP® Ambassador Committee, The ASP® Mixer Committee, The Fund Raising Committee, The Registration Committee, The Entertainment Committee, The 25th Anniversary Committee, The Award and Gift Committees, and The Vendor Committee.  And thank you to our vendors this year too! I thank our great Trainers: Bette, Jeanne, Jennie, and Trish.  I truly know the huge difference that each of them made for us all.  I am so grateful that they took the role of leadership throughout the convention. Jeanne B, you were such a great MC, thank you so very much!  Bette, you were so wonderful helping me share my appreciation to each speaker, thank you so very much!  Trish, you were the greatest time keeper and I got emails saying so too, thank you so very much! Jennie, you were so fabulous moderating the ASPM® Panel and Directing Meet The Pros on the ship, thank you so very much! Each of you and all of you showed us all the great leaders that you are.  I am so thankful for you….. I thank our wonderful staff at SHC of Shannon, Gina, and Captain Kirk who really worked hard before, during and after convention  to help make our convention the best yet!  Shannon, Gina, and Captain Kirk went beyond, beyond for us all, and it has been a full year of work together to bring the convention to reality and I am so thankful for you and so grateful to each of you! I thank all of our Great Speakers and Meet the Pros Leaders.  You gave from you heart and your experiences and provided such talent and education to all who heard you.  Thank you each for being willing to share.  Thank you for being willing to show how much you care.  You too are also great leaders and I am and we are all blessed by each of you.  Wonderful comments and remarks have come in saying how much all there appreciated all you taught and how on ‘target’ you all were.  You spoke about ‘what works’ and how-to’s in today’s ASP® Business World.  And that is what everyone came to hear!  Thank you for speaking!  Each of you, Kevin, Nora, Blair, Ede, Jan, Jeanne B, Jeannie W, Trish K, Trish P, Jennie, Rebecca, Michelle, Sandra, Katy, Mathias, Joan, Stacey, Jane Ann, and Bette!  Thank you each and thank you all! I thank our great IAHSP® International Board!  I know that each of you also helped lead the way, and support each ASP® at convention.  Your leadership I so deeply appreciate and am so thankful for.  All year long you meet with me and share your dear time and talent and leadership and you are such a joy in my life and as you volunteer your time you share your heart and I know you did that also on the Convention Cruise dear Bette, Jane Ann, Jan, Jennie, Jeanne, Jeannie, Gina, Kirk, Marcyne, Linda, Trish K, Kay, Sandra and Shannon! I am so touched and grateful to Jennie Norris for the DVD that she put together sharing parts of my 25 years as a professional speaker and the lovely, beautiful book she put together full of memories to last a lifetime.  I also loved the ‘Pocket Barb’s’.  How could I not love them….what fun and joy to see me all over the place, everywhere you all went!  Thank you dearest Jennie for investing your talent and time in this way for me and us all to share in and enjoy.  I also thank you each that wrote a letter or signed my book or shared a message with me on DVD too.  I deeply thank you all for caring. It is so exciting to see the great fund raising you all did at Convention.  I thank Sandra Holmes, ASPM® for her great leadership in leading her great committee of Trish Kim, ASPM®, Jane Ann Lance, ASPM®, Joan Inglis, ASPM®, Blair Hamaty, ASP®, and Young Kim, ASP® and all the great work that they accomplished for our IAHSP® Foundation! Thank you all as attendees for your dear contributions and participating as you did.  You each really made a difference. Kirk has given me these numbers to share with you all the amounts raised during convention for our IAHSP® Foundation: Silent Auction – $667. Thank you! Live Auction = $4,725. Thank you! 50/50 – $310. Thank you! Dancing 4 $’s – $929. Thank you! ASPM® Draw – $1,250. Thank you! ______________________ Grand Total – $7,881. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  Thank you all so very, very much.  This is really great for our IAHSP® Foundation and this will be wonderful to share with our IAHSP® Chapters next year during our WWSSW®.  This is because of all of you….and again thank you dear Fund Raising Committee for coming up with the great ideas and ways of raising money for our IAHSP® Foundation.  Thank you all who participated as you did so much!!! The name was drawn this weekend of the ASP®/ASPM® who won the ASPM® Master Course Drawing…..and it is ASP® Katy Fineman Jones.  Congratulations Katy!  The Masters Course will be in Seattle next April.  A Big Thank You to each of you who bought ‘a Masters Raffle Ticket’ as all the money went to the IAHSP® Foundation above. I want to congratulate our award winners voted so by you, their peers at convention: Rhonda Smith, ASP® Rising Star Award Winner, Katy Fineman Jones, ASP® Spirit Award Winner, Michelle Morris, ASPM® Barb Schwarz Staging Excellence Award Winner, and IAHSP® Atlanta Chapter for the IAHSP® Chapter of the Year Award Winner. Congratulations to you all. And, I also want to congratulate all of you that attended our Convention…..for you see I believe you are all award winners too.  I believe that when one is honored, all are honored….for as we honor one we honor all …… I truly know and believe that each of you is an award winner….for you made the investment in yourself for your ASP® Business and in by so doing you won… I honor you and see you each as an award winner too! As of last Tue, I have up for you the Review of this Years Convention.  Just click the Banner below and you will see the words and pictures that have been sent to me so far.  More reviews and pictures will be added this week so keep watching and checking in to see the latest and newest as we post them..….thank you to each of you who have written a review for me to add to our yearly ASP® Convention Review site!  Thank you Bette, Jennie, and Shannon for the great pictures you have sent and I know more will be coming in too!  You can all share the site with others as the banner below is also up on the SHC and IAHSP home pages as well as the Staging University® site.


Thank you to each of you who attended our Great 2010 Convention.  I am so grateful to each of you that attended convention and made such a huge difference, each of you, by being there and sharing together for the good of all….. I thank you all…. Smooth seas, sharing, networking, fun times, highly educational sessions, shopping, fund raising, dancing, good food, meeting and making new friends as well as being with ASP® friends from other conventions makes it all so worth while.  These are memories of a lifetime for sure!  Together, as I always say, ‘More means More.!” I send you joy and love and wishes for success…..ASP® Success and I know that you have many new ideas to put to use in your ASP® Business by attending our wonderful ASP® IAHSP® Convention Cruise! I was there with you all the way……and I cannot wait to see you all next year……if not before, along the ASP® Pathway to Success…. Love, Barb Barb Schwarz The Creator of Home Staging® CEO Founder/Chairwoman, The International Association of Home Staging Professionals Share at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Share this blog post with your Friends at Facebook, Connections at LinkedIn and Followers at Twitter. Click on the button below and click on the logo of the social network you want to share this article with.
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