The 5 Elements of the Sellable Outdoor Kitchen – By Guest Blogger Kerrie Kelly, FASID

The 5 Elements of the Sellable Outdoor Kitchen By Kerrie Kelly, FASID Summer is one of our favorite times of the year to encourage homeowners to put their homes on the market. Not only are people more willing to look around their neighborhood and enjoy open houses due to the warm weather, but they are more likely to imagine themselves living in a space that emphasizes the beauty of outdoor living. If you’re looking to put the “For Sale” sign up in your yard over the next couple of months, here’s how you can use design elements to create a sellable outdoor kitchen! Romance Potential Home Buyers with the Option of Dining al Fresco Image 1 Here in sunny California, it’s not unusual to find yourself dining outside during the warmer months nearly every day of the week. Between the fresh air, cool breeze and warm afternoon sun, there are few things more enjoyable than enjoying a dinner with your favorite people in the great outdoors. Help potential home buyers imagine themselves dining in your backyard with a beautiful outdoor setting. A large, party-ready dining table, comfortable and durable seating and fun, fashion-forward accessories like glass hurricanes, candles and tableware will help sell the scene.   Make It Safe for Pets and Kids Image 2   If your home is located in a charming suburban neighborhood, chances are the potential home buyers have little ones in tow (or a pup or two). Nowadays, home buyers are looking for design elements that encourage convenience and safe living: a fence for the pool, storage for tools and ways to keep the outdoors clean and sanitary without the fuss. Providing stylish storage solutions in your kitchen, along with fencing for any nearby pools or hot appliances, allows homeowners to slip into the backyard space and know that their loved ones and furry friends will stay safe while enjoying the sunshine.     Encourage Cooking with Updated Backyard Appliances Image 3 One of our favorite summer pastimes is firing up the grill or the smoker and enjoying a backyard BBQ with friends and family. If you’ve noticed potential buyers are on the hunt for ways to dine outdoors, consider updating your backyard appliances. By upgrading your old grill, installing new counters or giving the deck a great power wash, you’ll breathe new life into your backyard kitchen setup without breaking the bank.     A Fresh Coat of Paint Usually Does the Trick Image 4 Color is a powerful tool for a home seller. True for both indoor and outdoor spaces, a fresh coat of paint shows potential homebuyers that your space is well-cared for and free of damage or extra maintenance. Consider painting your deck, fence, trim, kitchen island or other exterior spaces to show off your home’s beautiful architecture and natural appeal. Colors that look great on all exteriors include greige (a gray-beige combo) or light gray. A pop of color on the front and back door, like a striking navy blue or bold red, is another eye-catching paint choice.     Go the Extra Mile with a Thoughtful Touch Image 5   Was there a water feature that you always thought would look in your space but you never got around to installing? How about an outdoor stereo system or TV-setup? Small elements of surprise show potential homebuyers that you’ve invested in an up-to-date, design-forward space. Consider retiling your pool or spa, installing a new sprinkler system, or wiring for speakers for the cherry on top of a beautiful outdoor kitchen.     Have you considered putting your home on the market? Are you thinking about tapping into any one of these tips to ensure your home sells? Let us know in the comments below! Building unique and useful spaces both indoors and out, Kerrie Kelly is an interior designer who writes for The Home Depot. She inspires and instructs people on how increase the resale value of their home by adding fun amenities like an outdoor kitchen or entertainment space. Visit The Home Depot to find all the things you need to create your own outdoor kitchen.  This article is editorial content that has been contributed to our site at our request, and is published for the benefit of our readers. We have not been compensated for its placement.

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