Dear Fabulous Great ASPM’s®   WOW! What a wonderful event we shared together this past SaturdaySunday and Monday! Thank you each for coming. I miss each of you already so much! This was an experience of a lifetime I feel. I thank you each for sharing your time, your talents, your knowledge, and you caring ways.   I believe that because of you this was the greatest conference we have ever had. Each conference is Always Wonderful and much is learned. The difference this time I believe was our open format that we planned with panel discussions, interactive table discussions, Mastermind sessions, Visions Boards, Q and A with anyone you wanted to talk with, everyone sharing business and/or Staging ideas, our speakers, and each of your wonderful input at all events. The feedback I have received so far is that you agree with this as well.   Our table sessions were fabulous and each of you contributed to making it so. I thank each of our moderators, panel members, speakers, and EACH OF YOU who participated in each event/session. Without your personal contribution our events would not have been as successful as they were. Thank you all and thank you to each of you! I am so excited to share our pictures with you. Just click the link below and there the pictures are. I am also posting them soon on the University on our ASPM® Symposium Review. I would truly appreciate you writing to me about your experience at our ASPM® Symposium so I can post your words on our Symposium review also!…/115007…/albums/6208893594145467537   Thank you also to each of you who helped with the set up Saturday before we opened registration. You made it move smoothly and also made registration easy for any of us to check in.   I am very thankful for Jennie Norris, ASPM® and Trish Kim, ASPM® and Kirk Bohrer, ASPM for their work with me on our conference planning committee. Also I thank BJ Johnson, ASPM® and our entire IAHSP® International Board for their support and input too. Also, I want to thank again Churchill Furniture for their contribution and sponsorship. You each and all made all the difference in the world. You made our Symposium a wonderful success and so for you I am eternally grateful. With love, Barb Schwarz CEO The Creator of Home Staging® Founder and Director of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®

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