The Role of Mobile Apps in Shaping the Future of Smart Homes

When the smartphone made its first appearance in recent decades, it took the world by storm. Everyone wanted a computer in their pocket that gave them access to the internet, music and games. Since their debut, smartphones have become an essential part of daily life, which means apps are more prevalent than ever before.

It’s impossible to imagine life without apps that predict the weather and organize to-do lists. They make life easier and more enjoyable, especially when they connect to your home. With the right apps, you can upgrade your home and make it a luxury living space without moving to a new property.

The role of mobile apps in shaping the future of smart homes is key to understanding the recent wave of household technology. Check out a few of the ways these apps can improve your life and act as a simple investment for making your home a comfortable place to live for decades to come.

1. They Connect With Appliances

Appliances are regularly updated with new features like flat stovetops and timed coffee maker settings. They’re supposed to make things like cooking and cleaning easier, so they’re the perfect place to start with home-based apps.

If you ever wonder if you’ve left the oven on, you can open an app to check and potentially turn it off. An app could allow you to program how hot you want your coffee or speak into an app to turn your Instant Pot on. Fridges can even connect to the internet to update you on what to get at the grocery store. The ease is enviable, causing homeowners to look to the future by using these apps in their homes.

2. They Expand Entertainment Options

Smart TVs and the apps that control them are also more popular than ever. In 2019, 74% of households owned a smart TV or streaming device, like an Amazon Fire Stick. Instead of limiting viewers to what’s currently playing through an expensive cable provider, the apps let people watch videos, movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere. Expanded entertainment options make any home more inviting, so an increasing number of people rely on these apps to relax with the media they prefer.

3. They Decrease Electric Bills

Your energy bill could be the most expensive utility bill each month, depending on your location and the current season. Running the air conditioning in the summer and the heating in winter increases your energy use, even when you’re not at home. Traditional thermostats don’t make adjustments during the day according to the time and weather, but smart thermostats can.

When you adjust your smart thermostat through an app, you can also monitor your energy usage. Homeowners will save more money year-round by staying up to date with their Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. You can also save money on future repairs because the device will alert you when a feature isn’t working or when the unit needs repair.

4. They Make Access Easier

You’ll never have to worry about locking yourself out with a smart home. Accessing your house has never been easier, thanks to features like smart garage doors. After connecting your door with your Wi-Fi, you’ll download an app that provides constant access to your home by allowing remote opening and home security features. The door may come with a built-in security camera or notification system that lets you know if someone forces open the door.

It’s especially handy to have a smart garage if your kids get home from school before you leave work or if you forget to close the garage after you leave your driveway. You’ll always be able to check that your home is locked or open for the right people, which has major appeal compared to traditional doors with battery-operated remotes or none at all.

5. They Automate and Improve Security

Home security used to rely on deadbolts and automatic floodlights, but now people can use an app to keep their loved ones safe. Smart security cameras connect to the internet to provide constant surveillance footage and cloud backups. You can lock your home no matter where you are or check in while you’re away on vacation. Apps offer an improved security method that automates the process, so no one has to wonder if their house is secure while they’re away or asleep at night.

They Improve the Quality of Life

Mobile apps are shaping the future of smart homes because they improve the quality of life for everyone who uses them. As long as you have the app downloaded on your phone, you can easily lock doors, open your garage or even use the kitchen appliances you rely on every day. As the technology to create these apps becomes more widely available and affordable, smart homes will become the preferred type of house because they’re easy to use and more enjoyable to live in.

Article submitted by Kacey Bradley, Lifestyle Blogger seen on Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, My Registry, Bridal Musings and more!