The Stories behind my Staging Sayings – Part Four

For nearly forty years I’ve shared my knowledge of Home Staging through presentations across the country, and through the Accredited Staging Professional and Masters Courses. During those years I’ve developed many sayings in order to effectively communicate the benefits of Home Staging to real estate professionals, sellers and of course Home Stagers.

In the following series I thought I would share what was behind each of these sayings. This is part four.

Barb Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® Founder/CEO® Founder/Chairwoman of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®

Many sellers seem to forget that Staging is an Investment in their home to get it sold and instead of Staging their home they will drop the price. By doing this in they give up so much more money. This Staging Saying I developed to help them understand that Staging is an Investment in their home to sell it and price reductions cost them so much more $ than Staging their home! Stats prove this fact.

In my years of inventing and growing the Staging Industry this is one of my favorite Staging Sayings I developed in my business with sellers or agents. The Words ‘As Soon As’ bring people towards you, when you say the word, if we work together, it pushes people away from you…..always say ‘As Soon As We Work Together As A Team”.

I find that the word ‘if’ puts things off, it is too tentative, as though things were not going to happen. I changed the word ‘if ‘to the words ‘as soon as’ and I have found that things I want to have happen come much quickly into my life. Don’t say ‘if they Stage’ rather say, ‘as soon as they Stage.’ See what I mean, that is much better. Get off your ‘if’s’ and go to ‘as soon as.’

Staging IS an Investment when selling a home! Most Sellers know what ROI is when it comes to stocks, etc. (Return On Investment) I added an S so that sellers would learn that Staging is an investment that brings a ROSI picture, probably the biggest return on any investment they have ever made.  

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