The Stories behind my Staging Sayings – Part Three

For nearly forty years I’ve shared my knowledge of Home Staging through presentations across the country, and through the Accredited Staging Professional and Masters Courses. During those years I’ve developed many sayings in order to effectively communicate the benefits of Home Staging to real estate professionals, sellers and of course Home Stagers. In the following series I thought I would share what was behind each of these sayings. Barb Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® Founder/CEO® Founder/Chairwoman of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®  

I tell sellers that even when they say they have dry rot in their porch post they can still Stage the house. Staging is about setting a scene, not about the condition. They are 2 different things: the house needs to be Staged and the condition fixed, repaired, and for sure disclosed to the buyer as well.

Every home, every room, the outside of the house, it all communicates a message. That is why some buyers do not want to go into some houses, or leave the minute they walk in, because of the message the outside or the inside conveys. I came up with this of my many Staging Sayings standing across the street from a seller’s house. I asked the seller, “What kind of message did he think his house conveyed?” It worked, he said yes to Staging his house after I asked him that question!

I developed this phrase many years ago to educate clients on what I do and what steps I will take in serving them. Sellers need to be educated ahead of time. All clients do. They deserve to know. My saying is as great today as it was the day I came up with it! It really works!

To explain to sellers easily the main basic things of what I built Staging to be, I developed what I call the 7 C’s of Staging through the years. They are quick easy words that all start with C for sellers to remember.

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