The Tools You Need to Be Successful By Stacey Gibson, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

You don’t need to join other staging associations or to take sales or other classes… Your ASP® Training gives you everything you need to succeed!

The only designation I will ever need is the ASP® and then the ASPM® designations that I earned from Staged Homes.  Every tool you need is in the manual.  The instructor teaches you, shows you and supports you during your training.  The Chapter Members further carry out that support as you develop and grow your own Staging business – or as you work for another ASP® who has their own business.

I can say that I did get off to a slow start in my business, however, that is exactly what I planned!   I wanted to gradually transition from being a stay-at-home mom into running my own company – on my own time and at my own pace.  Fast forward five years and here I am, according to my own definition, successful!  For many of our local Realtors® I am considered a part of their team.  Several agents will not even take a listing unless it has been professionally staged – or certified as staged by me.

Today we staged a listing for an investor.  There was fresh paint inside and out, cleaned carpeting and wood floors, as well as afresh bark and flowers in the front yard.  We finished up staging by 11am and within 1 hour they had an offer well over the asking price.  In fact they had 2 more offers come in within the next 2 hours!  The investor is over the top excited, she cannot believe how fast it sold!   We  ASP® know what we are doing, as professionals…we brought purpose to each room, added excitement through colorful artwork and lighting where the property needed brightening.

Refer to your training manual, to the information on – in the University area, and your chapter members for support and encouragement as you succeed in achieving your dreams!

As Barb says…. “Believe!”

I Am and I do!


Stacey Gibson

Accredited Staging Professional Master®

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