Things to Consider When Designing Your Custom House Plan

Regardless of whether you are building your second home in a different city or selling your current one and looking to create something new, designing the perfect home is not an easy endeavor. For you to have the home of your dreams, it’s vital to have a custom plan which will meet all your needs and requirements. However, before you start designing it, there are some things you have to take into consideration and we’ve singled them out for you below.

Make sure the area is suitable for your home

Doing research about the location is crucial before you start drafting your plan. Start off by checking whether there are any site constraints as they can majorly affect the design. Look into the soil conditions to make sure it can provide you with a solid footing. Furthermore, keep in mind that slopes and rocky areas might pose an obstacle in both functionality and aesthetics of your future home. Also, look into whether the area is prone to certain natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, in order to include some preventive measures in your design.  

Decide on the style of the house

The style of your home is another thing that you have to put a lot of thought into. There are many factors that play a role in this decision. For instance, your preferences – would you like a traditional or a modern house? Talk to your spouse and family members to see their opinions on this topic. Take into consideration their wishes as well, so that everyone is satisfied with the end result. On the other hand, the neighborhood can also affect the style of your custom home. Do you want your home to stand out or blend in? If you are not sure what to do, you can also consult with your architect and contractors.  

Don’t forget about functionality

Seeing as how you have the opportunity to create a custom-made home, you should make the most of it. When working out your layout, think about the flow. Would your family benefit from an open floor plan or do you prefer separate rooms for separate activities? Should you combine your dining room with your kitchen? What about your living room? Furthermore, how many bedrooms will you need? Do you want some extra rooms for guests? Another thing you should consider is placing the bedrooms and communal areas away from each other, in order to increase peace and quiet when sleeping. Don’t neglect the bathrooms either. For example, the master bedroom could have an en suite and there should be a couple more throughout the house, to avoid morning arguments.  

Implement modern features

Besides making sure you have enough bedrooms and bathrooms, you should allow yourself some luxuries as well. Would you like an indoor pool? Why not incorporate it into your blueprints and give yourself a chance to experience all the benefits of swimming? Are your family and friends huge film-buffs? Consider adding a home theatre to your house. You can make it as big as you want with all the latest tech and comfy seating. While on the topic of technology, did you give smart homes any thought? There are so many areas where various gadgets can make your life easier, from cooking and cleaning to saving on bills.  

Work out the financial aspect

Even if money is not an issue, you still have to be aware of your budget. If you set your expectations too high, you could end up very disappointed, so make sure you have some backup options. For instance, maybe you’ve decided to add something at the last minute and you need a bit more money or you’ve realized that getting a loan which you can pay off over the next several years makes more sense than spending all your money at once. Thanks to the calculation tools that are offered by lenders and banking institutions all over the world, you don’t even need to leave the house to be able to get a better grasp of your financial capabilities. Nowadays, with a few simple clicks, you can determine how much money you can borrow, which in turn can help inform your decisions about going forward with your project. Finally, remember to save a part of your budget for emergencies as you never know when something might happen.  

Keep your timeframe in mind

Other than money, time is also an important factor to bear in mind. Are you working against the clock for some reason? Do you need to move in before school starts? Are you expecting a baby and you want the house finished before it’s born? Furthermore, the season can also play a role, especially if you’re building in a rainy or snowy environment. It might prolong the process, so account for that as well.  

Plan for your future

Depending on the purpose of this home, you might have to take into consideration your future plans as well. If you’ll be using it for vacations, make it comfy and fun. If you plan to live there for a longer period, allow for modifications in time. Maybe your parents will come live with you or your kids will move out, so keep your options open.   The seven points presented are in no way the only things to consider when designing your custom house but they are a great starting point. Go through everything with your architect and contractors and you are sure to get the home of your dreams in no time.     Bethany Seton is a recent economy graduate. Before settling in an office, she decided to follow her passions for writing and traveling. Currently, she travels with her laptop and writes for various blogs, hoping one day she will gather all the experience she gets in one book.

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  1. As an art graduate, I often daydreamed about wanting to build a wacky and unconventional-looking custom home. It’s great that you mentioned to not forget about functionality when it comes to this. I better find a balance between what I want but always listen to the contractor that I will be getting someday.

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