This is How to Transform a Rental Apartment Before You Move in

When you’re living in an apartment, it’s nice to make it feel like your own. After all, you’re paying rent every single month. Sure, you don’t have the freedom that you would have if you were a homeowner. However, it’s always great to feel comfortable in your space. When renting, you are not allowed to tear down walls and renovate the place. You want to know how to transform a rental apartment without making permanent changes the landlord might not approve of. Consider these ideas to make your ordinary apartment look like it was custom-made for you.

1.Upgrade the lighting.

In most apartments, the standard lighting includes that terrible fluorescent option. This is especially true in the kitchen. Instead, remove that standard fluorescent light that comes in most apartment kitchens. Keep all of the pieces so that you can reinstall when you’re ready to move. Once you’ve removed the fluorescent light, replace it with a track light. You can easily find track lights in plenty of inexpensive home decor stores. Track lights come with numerous bulbs. Point each bulb in a specific direction to illuminate a workstation. You need a light to point on the countertops, the stove and the sink.

2. Hang large art pieces.

One of the unique ways to create a sophisticated look that’s temporary involves hanging large art. Keep in mind that if your landlord doesn’t allow you to drill holes, there are ways around this. There are tons of temporary adhesive options that are durable enough to hold canvases, frames and more. If you don’t have the budget to purchase fine art, don’t worry. Just look for some interesting pieces of wallpaper or wrapping paper. Stick the pattern to a large piece of cardboard. Frame the cardboard with gold trim. It’ll be extremely light to stick to the walls. Plus, you can create an art installation to surround the walls of any given room.  

3. Install stunning window treatments.

  It’s always nice to allow natural light into your home. The only way to make this happen is through the installation of window treatments. (With the permission of your landlord) Drill a few holes to hang a curtain rod and some blinds. Instead of choosing the standard white plastic option, consider wood or bamboo blinds. Custom blinds are great to consider as well. Purchase curtains with luxurious fabrics like velvet or linen. Even if you have a lovely bay window, there are ways to hang curtains to make it look even more interesting.  

4. Paint the walls.

  If your landlord grants you permission to do so, take advantage of the ability to splash color throughout the house by painting the walls. You can choose to paint all of the walls in one interesting color like light blue, gray or light green. To add some interest, you might decide that it’d be great to paint one wall in each room in a statement color to make it a statement wall. If you’re looking at the bedroom, the statement wall might be the wall where the headboard rests. Pick colors that are conducive to relaxation and creativity.  

5. Use removable wallpaper.

  Prints and patterns are always tons of fun to play around with. If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, removable wallpaper can make it look like you have an eye for design. Use removable wallpaper in smaller areas like the half bathroom or laundry room. Once you add a stunning pattern or raised texture to the walls, it can make a major impact. Furthermore, don’t forget about the ceilings. For a sophisticated look, add wallpaper to the ceiling of your home for a lovely effect.  

6. Add temporary floor tiles.

If you take a look at some of the current and emerging trends in flooring, you’ll realize that the best hardwood floors tend to attract most people. Gone are the days where people coveted carpeted floors. Carpet tends to hold a lot of dust and allergens. However, as a renter, you can’t install your own hardwood floors. Thankfully, you can add temporary floor tiles. If the kitchen or the bathroom has flooring that looks pretty beat-up, you can purchase a temporary option that can easily stick to the current flooring. You can clean it as usual. Your guests will never know that it’s a temporary option when you install it correctly.   As you prepare to turn your apartment into the custom-made dream you desire, don’t forget to implement a few of these suggestions. It’s also a great idea to find out what your landlord is willing to permanently change. If you talk about a company with the best hardwood floors you know, your landlord might agree to change the flooring before you even more in. That way, you’ll have a permanent option that fits your desires. Plus, it’ll simultaneously upgrade your landlord’s investment property. Everyone wins!   Author’s Bio: Bruce MacDonald leads the team at MacDonald Hardwoods, a hardwood flooring store in Denver, Colorado. For over three decades they have serviced Colorado with installations, cleaning, and even conducted educational classes to help customers take care of their floors.

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