Tip 4 for Your 2011 Business Plan: Advance Your Staging Techniques in 2011

In the last several days I’ve shared with you detailed instructions you can put to use as you prepare your 2011 business plan. I’ve covered how to create SWOT analysis, financial planning and monitoring, and how to create a powerful value message. Today I thought I’d share my recommendations specifically for the services you provide. Learning is a life-long exercise; for 2011, I suggest you advance your Staging® techniques. The Staging University® Earlier this week I posted an article at the Stagedhomes.com blog in which I made recommendations on how you can create a powerful value message based on my concept “Let Me Tell You How I Work.” Several wonderful ASPs® responded that reading my article felt as if they were back in the ASP® class. Reading the responses made me want to encourage everyone to frequently visit The Staging University® to refresh your memory of what you once learned during the course. Among of the many resources available at The Staging University® are the detailed Staging® instructions you learned during the ASP® course, and many additional instructions provided to you. If you haven’t accessed The Staging University® in a while, make a point to do so as soon as possible. We continually post creative ideas, solutions, and materials you can put to use in your business – and it’s available to you at no extra charge as a benefit. IAHSP® Reach out to fellow ASPs® in your area – join your local chapter of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP®. I often have the pleasure of meeting with IAHSP® chapters around the United States and Canada, and it’s always so very gratifying to see the support and knowledge exchange that takes place each time ASPs® come together. If you currently are a member of IAHSP® – make sure to stay involved as you will learn so much from others. If you haven’t joined IAHSP® yet – do it today. ASPM® When you’re ready to take your Staging® career to the next level on a much faster pace than you would ever have imagined, attend the ASPM® course in 2011. An invaluable part of the days you are attending the program is hearing from others what they’ve done to grow their businesses. You will learn how to build an effective process for marketing, developing presentations, creating bids, Staging®, and administrative routines. You get to attend a special Q & A session with me, giving you the chance to ask any questions you’ve wanted to find answers to. It will show you how you can save money, and give you detailed instructions on how to effectively market your Home Staging® business. Your presentation and communications skills will improve and you will learn new Staging® techniques. I will personally review the presentations you use when meeting prospective clients and real estate professionals, and I will communicate back your strengths and suggest improvements. The ASPM® course continues where the ASP® course ended, providing you with proven Staging® ideas that will make your projects stand out. “I was able to improve my presentations, improve my marketing, improve my operations, and how to take my Staging to the next level. “ Krista Jones, ASPM® “Taking the ASPM course was life-changing for me – I have more than tripled my business this year. I know how to work now, what I have to do and how much I need to put into it.” Joan Inglis, Realtor®, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP® “This course has truly taken me to a higher level of excellence and I have every confidence that it will be immediately reflected in my business.” Michelle Beste, ASPM® Click here to read my previous blog post Top Ten Reasons to Consider Earning the ASPM® Designation. The next ASPM® designation course is available April 11-15, 2011, in Seattle, WA. Please click here for more information. Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® President & Founder, StagedHomes.com President & Founder, IAHSP.com
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