Tips to Keep in Mind When Finishing Your Basement

The basement plays a crucial role in maximizing the value of your home. If you have an unfinished basement, you could be sitting on a lot of extra square footage if you convert it into additional livable space. For many homeowners, finishing up a basement seems like a do-it-yourself activity. However, there are some instances where you will need professional assistance. Before you embark on finishing up your basement, the following tips will help you achieve a quality finish.

Consult a Professional

Although finishing your basement may seem a simple project, never underestimate it whatsoever. It requires more legwork and technicalities than the majority of homeowners have. For instance, in order to get an accurate measurement, shore up foundational cracks, and frame the existing duct-work, you need to have relevant experience and skills. Otherwise, you risk causing more damage than good.

Keep Your Basement Dry

Before you start working on the basement, you need to ensure it’s dry. A damp or moist basement can be difficult to work on. Also, it can facilitate mold growth which affects your finished basement and the overall strength of the materials. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can prevent moisture from accumulating into your basement to give you peace of mind. For instance, you can waterproof your walls or add extra interior drain. Plus, you can repair your gutters and downspouts to direct rainwater away from the house.

Examine the Plumbing and Wiring

Your basement will ultimately require proper plumbing and wiring infrastructure. That said, you need to examine and ensure plumbing structures such as drains and vents are installed properly in the first place. Additionally, you need to check on the wiring system to ensure it hasn’t been damaged or tampered with. Since your basement will lack the natural light that the upper levels have, proper wiring will ensure the space is well lit and fully functional. If you aren’t sure about your wiring system, don’t hesitate to contact an electrician in your area.

Install Egress Windows

One option you have to ensure your safety in the basement is installing egress windows. Egress windows facilitate fresh air circulation to ensure sufficient oxygen in the basement. But more importantly, the egress windows provide an escape space for you in case there is an emergency such as a house fire.


The majority of homeowners want their basement to be finished to provide space for their various needs. While the basement offers additional space and value for homes, you need to put the above-mentioned tips in mind as you attempt to work on it. These tips will guarantee you a great result and keep you safe as you work on the project.

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