To My Fellow ASPs – Let’s Hold Our Heads Up Proudly

Dear ASPs and ASPMs, I wanted to share with you this heartwarming message I received from Nancy Dreyer, a wonderful ASP in the Columbus, OH, area. Nancy also serves as President of the Columbus IAHSP Regional Chapter. Thank you, dear Nancy! Barb Schwarz The Creator of Home Staging® CEO The Creator of the ASP Designation and Course Founder and Chairwoman The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP I think it is important for us as ASPs to always hold our heads up high with a confidence that goes back to the 1970’s when Barb started this industry, that, there will always be “wannabes”. TV Shows do not have:
  • 11 million hits per month on their website to look at Staged Home for sale and does
  • A national trade association that represents them, and keeps their stagers accountable as we have through IAHSP
  • A local IAHSP chapter of ASPs
  • A local IAHSP chapter that gives back thousands of dollars & man hours to their community like we do
  • The original, first, time tested, and proven ASP accreditation program.
Why have your house on some TV show that may or may not be seen when you can have your home on the website that will be seen by millions at ANY TIME?  Home buyers are not watching HGTV for a local home to buy – they are searching the INTERNET!  NAR says that 87% of buyers today go to the internet to find the houses that they want to see… ASP Staged Homes get shown and sold! Nancy Nancy A. Dreyer, ASP, IAHSP Accredited Staging Professional with President, Columbus IAHSP Regional Chapter 614.273.7784 office

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