Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools in 2019

Whether you’re a real estate agency executive or a beginning entrepreneur, keeping up with the latest real estate trends is absolutely crucial.   If you are aware of the economic shifts, technology breakthroughs, and major industry updates, you’ll find it easy to constantly improve your profit margins and upgrade your real estate marketing performance. Marketing in real estate is as simple as it is in general: attract the attention and turn leads into customers. The entire process seems very simple, and yet there are a lot of details that can only be learned once you start practicing. For example – resources. Every real estate marketing campaign is dependent on resources – employees, time, energy, attention, and obviously money. These are important resources for every entrepreneur or any professional agency. However, what I haven’t mentioned yet are the “aces in the sleeves”. These are real estate marketing tools that solve specific and relevant problems. If you start using them, here are some of the main benefits that you’ll be able to access:
  • A real estate marketing software will often automate some of the processes you would normally have to do manually.
  • They help you organize your business properly, keep track of communication, leads, finances, legality, and so on.
  • They improve your ROI.
  • They’re often simple to implement and leverage after.
  • Most tools are affordable even to low-budget companies and professionals.
  • They improve your prospects’ experiences.
  • They’ll often help you differentiate yourself from the rest (brand reputation boost).
The conclusion is obvious: real estate marketing tools have a tremendous potential that shouldn’t be neglected. Let’s have a look at 5 of the most impressive real estate digital marketing tools that can significantly boost your business performance in 2019.

1.    HootSuite

  Nowadays, regardless of what you promote and sell, you’ll need to align yourself with the trends and build a powerful social media presence. It is said that 69% of real estate professionals are currently leveraging Facebook to generate leads, and there’s no wonder why. You see, most customers spend most of their times checking their social networks – they scroll, they communicate, they learn, and they usually relax. However, social channels, as you may very well know, are one of the most abundant environments where you can put your marketing strategies in motion. Back to our tool. Hootsuite is an amazing social media marketing tool that helps you automate and improve your social marketing. You connect all of your social profiles to HootSuite’s interface and you’re managing everything relevant from one place only. You can schedule future posts, analyze your campaigns’ performance, boost your content’s efficiency, integrate other freelancers/employees, and accessover250 custom applications and integrations that all serve various yet specific problems. Such a great tool!

2.    EZ Texting

  Some realtors prefer texting over emails. If that’s you, EZ Texting might come in very handy. This is a complex yet easy-to-use software that helps you effectively manage SMS communication. Studies show that SMS marketing is truly beneficial:
  • Text messages get a 98% open rate, which is absolutely insane (5 times higher than the average email open rate)
  • 78% of consumers prefer sending a quick SMS message to real estate businesses.
  • The response rate of SMS averages at 45%, which is approximatively 7 times higher than email response rates.
You can also use MMS, as most phones now support images through texts, so there’s no difficulty in delivering or receiving visual content. EZ Texting includes both SMS and MMS. Again, if you’re the type of professional who constantly uses text, this software is probably for you.

3.    Zillow

Most real estate beginners would see Zillow as a direct competitor rather than the huge opportunity that it actually is. This is one of the best real estate listing services on the marketplace in 2019. Their brand is highly successful because of more reasons, the main being their genuine dedication to “empower consumers with data, knowledge, and inspiration” regarding their future homes. Zillow is a place where consumers to gain the most comprehensive details, details that’ll help them make better decisions. As a realtor, you can leverage the highly selected (and serious) audience of Zillow and showcase your offers beautifully and consistently. First off, you’ll need to create your profile picture- make sure you put some work in there because that’ll serve as the first impression. Second, optimize your listings with Zillow’s help. You will notice that the platform puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of your listing, something that’ll benefit both their brand and their customers. Third, strive to get as many positive reviews as you can. Reach out to the prospects who have visited your house and ask them to leave a review. However, if you’re willing to invest decent amounts, you can outsource them from a reputable writing service like:

4.    ReferralMaker

  ReferralMaker is a customer relationship management software (CRM) whose purpose is to simply make the realtors’ lives easier. Through the applications of this tool, you’ll be able to track, measure, manage, and improve your future interactions with prospective customers, all in one system. It provides extremely easy-to-use dashboards that show important KPIs (key performance indicator metric) such as email open rates, response rates, conversion rates, sales performance. ReferralMaker also allows you to establish real estate goals, properly manage your finances and transactions, and keep tabs on clients.

5.    LeadPages

  If you’re not a digital marketer, then the term “landing page” might not be very familiar to you. Simply put, a landing page is a website page that internet traffic lands on, consumes the content quickly, and then takes action on something (subscribe, call, sale, etc.) LeadPages is a digital marketing tool that allows you to create customized landing pages for each house you sell. You can have a website and leverage 10 landing pages to represent 10 proprieties. You can also implement already-made real-estate templates. Here’s an example: Here’s the full page if you’re curious. Either way, leveraging LeadPages to spice up your real estate marketing is definitely a great choice for every real estate professional and company who’s looking to jump on the next level!  


  As you’ve already guessed, only fools would try to win the game without resources. Every big empire, leader, businessman, president, influencer, or king is relying on his resources to thrive. You should do the same, and not only with real estate tools. Treat your customers properly and do your best to over-deliver. Give before you ask, and ask before you pitch. Tools will come in handy and they’ll give you a better flow. Use them wisely! BIO: Michael Gorman is one of those essay writers online who make student’s lives better. His job is to help with essay writing and provide essay writing services to students who either can’t pass or who want to take their skills to the next level. Being interested in everyday development, he writes various blog posts and discovers new aspects of human existing everyday. Feel free to contact him via[ Facebook|] or check his[ Twitter|].  

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