Trends for 2017: What’s In & What’s Out?!

image Are you ready for a year filled with “boundary pushing” trends?! Welcome to 2017! The year ahead is filled with brilliant, bright color, bold looks, mixed textures, and much more! Defining trends are not only making themselves known this year, but there are several trends that are no longer invited and on the way OUT.

Matching your style to ONE period: OUT

gomez-edc-03-14-9-xln Gone are the days where if your house is coastal, modern, cottage, traditional, etc. that makes it imperative that you style your house the same way. Mix it up! 2016 saw the beginning of this, but 2017 really kicks this trend out of the house.

54eb55d483048_-_hrow-pillows-den-sweet-home-alabama-0411-welldouthit013-xln Using different styles to decorate adds depth and makes the room interesting! “No one will be interested in designing an entire space, let alone an entire home, with a strict style in mind,” says Warren Sheets. Mixing contemporary and traditional, or rustic and cottage, coastal and modern, whatever the combination you’re dreaming of can add some freshness to your home! Needing some inspiration? Check out the following article.
Marble, marble, marble: IN HMJ010-Carrara-White-Marble-Bathroom-Countertop-Carrara-Marble-Countertop-08

No, this isn’t something you’re just seeing on Pinterest or HGTV. Marble is the HOT trend of the season! After dominating the tile industry, marble has moved from restaurants and hotels to our kitchens and bathrooms. This trend looks good in black, white, on your countertops, floors, and even mixed with different fabrics!

Marble isn’t a trend that’s limited by any one material and will continue to be seen throughout 2017.
Big, chunky furniture: OUT 

b85bcea3b9e103cce64007a81ca22713With more and more people flocking to the tiny house movement, buying smaller places to allow for other leisures, and wanting to more sufficiently utilize the space oversized furniture is on its’ last leg. “Space is always a premium, so creative and functional space is becoming more important,” says Sheets. Because of this, we’ll start to see more furniture that’s built for functionality, creative use of space, and custom designed.

Check out this 150 sq. ft. apartment that is totally customized by the tenant to optimize his space!

  Bold and bright jewel tones: INBMC_COTY_video_01_shadow_desktop White, beige, neutrals? BORING! 2017 is the year for drama and Benjamin Moore debuted the perfect color to inspire that. Benjamin Moore’s color for 2017 is Shadow and is described as a rich, deep amethyst. ” After a year of looking at white, we were looking for something with more feeling,” a spokesperson for the company said at their reveal party in New York. To give inspiration those on knowing what other colors to pair with Shadow, the team at Benjamin Moore created a diverse color palette with different shades of pastels, neutrals, warmer & cooler tones, and even some other vivid jewel tones!
Colder metal: OUT house-beautiful-2017-trends-brushed-metalTo keep with the spirit of 2017, another major trend that’s fading is any sort of stainless steel, industrial silver, or brushed metal. Now is the time for warmer, shinier metals! This trend will be seen throughout homes in various ways by changing out hardware. 19818e6e0d385258_1803-w618-h409-b0-p0--traditional-kitchen     Kitchens and bathrooms will be the center hub for this trend especially. Knobs, knockers, pulls, and faucets in polished brass and bronze will be some of the most common ways to bring this trend into your home.  
Matte Appliances: IN Along with the ousting of colder metals, matte appliances are replacing stainless steel ones in droves! If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your kitchen in an unexpected way, matte appliances add a subtle finish. “This surprise can serve as a wonderful layer in your design, adding depth to the overall composition and a counter point to other finishes,” says designer Bobby Berk. Following Benjamin Moore’s example, the matte appliance with its’ darker hue adds some muted drama to your kitchen!

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