Turn up the Heat: 5 Romantic Master Bedroom Makeovers

If you only see the master bedroom as a place for sleeping, then you’re doing a serious disservice to yourself as a homeowner. A master bedroom can provide comfort, relaxation, and intimacy. To make your partner go crazy in all the best possible ways, you might want to give your bedroom a few upgrades. These are five romantic master bedroom makeovers. New Sheets Those faded and torn bedsheets you have need to go. To make a positive impression, you should get a brand new matching sheet set. These should have plenty of threads and be properly fitted to your bed. You should also get new pillows that will go along with your sheet ensemble. Your sweetheart will be swooning over how much more luxurious this makes your bedroom.


The mood of a room can be greatly determined by how it’s painted. If you have wallpaper, ditch it for a tasteful paint job. Should you already have your walls painted, consider if the color should be changed or touched up. Colors like red and peach are commonly associated with romance.

Person Jetted Tub

Baths aren’t just cleaning. The right tub can be a source of fantastic intimacy between you and your partner. A 2-person jetted whirlpool tubs means that there’ll be plenty of room for both of you, with the bonus of additional comfort to act as the perfect place to get close to one another. You can add to the mood by purchasing special soaps and lotions.


Anyone who has sat around a fireplace with a sweetheart knows just how spellbinding of a moment it can be. A fireplace in the bedroom provides a sensual atmosphere. As long as you know all about fire safety, you can make this an irresistible centerpiece of your bedroom.

Dimmable Sconce Lights

Lightning is the premier way to set a mood in your master bedroom. Dimmable sconce lights let you choose the right setting for you and your partner. Play with different levels and see which would be best for you. Ideally, it should be neither too dark nor too bright. Make sure that you can make the atmosphere intimate without making it difficult for either of you to see or make your way around the bedroom. For your master bedroom to make you truly feel like royalty, you need to go as far as possible. Your partner will be greatly pleased by your devotion to making the most special room of the house even more special. Take your time and work on creating the master bedroom of your romantic dreams.   Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.

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