Upcoming Dates For Our 2 or 3 Day ASP® Home Staging Webinar Course

Become an ASP® Stager from the Comfort of Your Home. While many still prefer to attend our popular Accredited Staging Professional® Training Courses taught in classroom locations all around the United States and Canada, many prefer attending the ASP® Stager Course online. For them we offer the ASP® Course by Webinar. Enroll in the 3-day ASP® Home Staging Webinar now and become an ASP® Home Stager no matter where you live! Learn Home Staging online for three full days of intense live instruction through the ASP® Home Staging Course Webinar. Click here:
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Do you prefer taking the ASP® Class in a classroom setting? Click here to view available course locations. For those of you who may be new to the Webinar format, here’s how it works. The training course will essentially be as real as an in-class training program, except you will attend from the comfort of your home or office. By the time the Webinar starts during each of the two or three days you will log on using detailed and easy to follow instructions you receive well ahead of time. Once you log in you will access the training presentation and hear the instructor teach the program over the phone. For those who may be a little reluctant to use this new forum, please know that it’s extremely simple and a member of the Stagedhomes.com will gladly discuss how it all works with you. Please contact one of our ASP® Course Specialists today at 800.392.7161, or email [email protected].

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