Wanda Hickman – Home Staging Trainer and Friend

When it comes down to it, we really are all one big family in the Home Staging Industry.  Our industry is just not that large and when one of our own passes on, the impact is expected to be far reaching.  Yesterday, we lost one of our own – Wanda Hickman passed away.  Most in the industry knew Wanda Hickman as a talented Home Stager and dedicated ASP Course Trainer with Stagedhomes.com.  Many successful businesses were launched under her tutelage as part of the ASP Course Trainer team.  Her husband, Bill, was also our Business Coach for a season, and both impacted many lives with their expertise and care.  We will miss Wanda, and know she leaves a legacy of joy and love with her family and friends.   This is what Bill, her husband of 49 years wrote about Wanda: Come, Grow Old With Me 51 years ago I met Wanda Freeman on a blind date and fell head over heels in love. I quickly asked her to come and grow old with me. 49 years ago this week we married and since then I have learned the true meaning of love. Hand in hand we built a life, raised a family, shared hopes, weathered storms, and grew old together. It has been a life filled with love, the quiet kind that fills the empty spaces in you, the spaces you didn’t even know were there. Love has been the centerpiece of my world for this entire time and it was that love that made my decision possible.
Wanda’s health has been fragile for many years due to radiation treatments for cancer which badly affected her lungs and her heart. Two weeks ago she underwent surgery to replace her heart valve but there was an accident which put her into cardiac ICU. She rallied, but the decades of stress on her health was too much. When it became clear there was no hope of recovery I made the final loving decision I could – to let her go. Wanda quietly passed away this morning and in no pain. In accordance with her wishes there will be no service but please remember Wanda in your own way. If you wish to do something, please give your time to someone who needs it. Wanda would be pleased.  
And From Barb Schwarz – Wanda’s personal Staging mentor and friend: “It is with Great Sadness that I learned of Wanda’s Hickman’s passing today.  She was such a warm and wonderful person. I treasure her and her many, many talents. I was so privileged to be with her for special quality times we had together. I will always hold Wanda in my heart and remember those memories forever.
I had the distinct pleasure and Joy of Hiring and Training Wanda to become a Certified Trainer of my ASP Course at Stagedhomes.com in October 2005. She worked with me for approximately 2 1/2 years . Whenever and where-ever she taught my 3 Day ASP Course the students absolutely LOVED HER!  Wanda was a gifted trainer who changed many, many lives for the better.  Her professionalism, her wonderful wit and her gift for training shined so Brightly.  I will miss her so very much!  She will be tremendously missed by everyone who knew her.  Rest in peace dearest Wanda.
I will always love you.
Barb Barb Schwarz The Creator of Home Staging

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