What Contacts Landlords Need to Have on Speed Dial

Being a landlord is not an easy job. You do make a profit off your rental property, but also you will have to deal with many issues like maintenance and tenant requests. Granted, this is not something that happens every day, however, it can be a chain event with three emergencies in a row. For this reason, there are contacts landlords need to have on speed dial and resolve the problems as quickly as possible. Here are the most important ones to have in your phone favorites list that will resolve most of the problems efficiently.

1.    Electrician

Electricity is not to be taken lightly. If you don’t have training in fixing electrical issues then you need to have a professional on speed dial. When it comes to electrical works, it’s more than shocking yourself and endangering your life. A poorly done job can lead to fire which in turn will put the life of your tenants and the property in danger. Also, examine the property before renting for possible electrical issues to make sure your tenants move into a safe and working home. Encourage your tenants to report even the smallest issues to take care of it immediately before it turns into a serious problem. So, no matter how small the emergency, call an electrician and let them deal with the repairs.

2.    Heating and air-conditioning service

Heating and cooling systems are something that requires regular maintenance to work properly. While your tenants may be able to clean the filters and outside of the AC unit, they shouldn’t do any other maintenance. Professional AC service will perform in-depth cleaning, refill gas and make sure that everything works properly. The same applies to the heating unite, no matter if it’s a furnace or part of your HVAC system. Any attempt to do the cleaning, repairs, and maintenance by yourself can end with more problems. Schedule regular maintenance of these systems to keep them efficient and healthy for your tenants.

3.    Gardener

If you rent a house then that means you have some exterior area that goes with it from a simple lawn to a big backyard. This is where comes in handy to have a gardener on speed dial since they do more than just mowing the lawn. They will trim trees so the branches don’t fall off and damage the roof or injure someone, especially during the windy season and winter. If you make arrangements with them, they can be responsible for the complete maintenance of the outdoor area like cleaning gutters and a swimming pool. Find a gardener that can do all these things because having someone like that on your speed dial is cheaper and more efficient. If your tenants agree, a gardener can also work on landscaping to create a visually appealing exterior.

4.    Handyman

A general handyman may be just enough to cover appliances malfunctions, faulty locks or minor repairs like cabinet doors. Depending on the handymen expertise and knowledge, they can be valuable even in masonry and other renovations like painting and repairing façade. Although, keep in mind that a handyman is not a miracle worker and serious issues like pipes and electrical wiring require more than general knowledge. But, having a handyman on your team will certainly be something tenants will appreciate and it may encourage them to choose your property for lease. After all, there are always some minor issues to deal with on the property and taking care of them fast will make you a trustworthy landlord.

5.    Plumber

A plumbing emergency includes a variety of issues that might come up from the smallest of leaks to backed-up toilets. This makes bathroom and kitchen repairs among the most common ones when having tenants so always have a plumber’s number at hand. Also, this plumbing emergency is tome sensitive and requires immediate handling to prevent further damage. A burst pipe will release water into the structure and that can affect electrical wiring, destroy furniture and even cause parts of the house to collapse. The one thing you can do before you even call the plumber is to shut off the valve and stop the water flow. This and all other situations require expert intervention that will minimize the damage and promptly take care of the problem.

6.    Professional network

It’s very useful to be part of a landlord association or local group so you can quickly find answers and measures for issues. Even though you know the basic rules regarding the landlord-tenant relationship, it’s always best to ask for advice and recommendations from people with experience. Also, here is where you will most likely find legal interpretations and maybe even representation in case of lawsuits and similar events. Landlord association may organize seminars and get-togethers that will provide you with useful information. Sometimes tenants are not perfect so having someone to advise you how to properly deal with those situations is invaluable.

7.    Insurance providers

Insurance is something you should consider even before finding the tenants. It will protect you against injury claims, loss of rent, property damage and emergency repairs. There may already be some kind of insurance in place, so check if it covers tenanted property as well. If not, you may need to have more than one insurance provider although try negotiating the best plan with your agent to cover as many areas as possible. Keep the insurance agent on speed dial since they are the first you will call along with the repairmen if there is any trouble.


Having these contacts on speed dial will make your landlord’s responsibilities easier and build a good relationship with the tenants. But more importantly, it will resolve problems in an efficient way that will take care of your property to tenants’ satisfaction as well as yours.   Ron Wolf Freelance writer, hobby designer and DIY enthusiast.

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