What is Staging and Why Do You Need an Accredited Staging Professional®?

Whether you’re an Accredited Home Staging Professional®, ASP®, or a real estate sales agent, I’m sure you’re often asked what Staging is, and why a home seller would need an Accredited Staging Professional® to assist them. At Stagedhomes.com we remain committed to helping you succeed and we’ve developed an extensive library of materials you can use as you communicate with consumers and industry professionals. Please click here to go to the Staging University to download a news release template for ASP® Stagers and one for ASP® Real Estate Agents. Below is a sample of the documents we provide, designed to show the positive impact of Home Staging, and the benefits of working with an Accredited Home Staging Professional®, ASP®. Live in Joy, ASP Stage with Joy and Enjoy the Magic and Wonder of it All. Barb Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® President & Founder, StagedHomes.com President & Founder, IAHSP.com What is Staging and Why Do You Need an Accredited Staging Professional®? The moment home owners decide to put their homes on the market the properties they’ve lived in effectively become products. Their real estate agents assess a sales price, devise a marketing plan to get the home sold and prepare to put the listing in the multiple listing service. Especially given today’s market conditions, homes will compete against a huge inventory of available homes. Now more than ever, especially in the current buyer’s market, it’s extremely important to make a listing stand out in the marketplace. So what can consumers and their agents do to catch the attention of home buyers? They need to:
  • Make the first impression of the home positive and inviting
  • Enable buyers to envision themselves living in the home
  • Show the full potential of the home
  • Make the home visually appealing for online listings
In short, sellers and the real estate agents representing them need to Stage their homes with the assistance of an Accredited Staging Professional®. Defining Home Staging Home Staging is professionally preparing homes for sale, so that they appeal to the most amount of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time on market. Staged Homes traditionally present themselves better than the competition by being clean, clutter-free, and ready to show to prospective buyers. Home Staging is NOT decorating, fluffing, interior design or redesign. Instead, Home Staging is detailing, de-cluttering, depersonalizing and preparing a seller’s home to give it a “model home” appearance so that the potential buyer can “see” themselves living in the home. Introducing the Accredited Staging® Professional®
  • Accredited Staging Professionals® are dedicated professionals who have studied and learned the proven and powerful techniques of Staging® homes with two primary goals: sell faster and for a higher price.
  • Accredited Staging Professional® have successfully attended and graduated from the ASP® course and have passed a required thorough examination on preparing homes for sale to earn the Accredited Home Staging Professional® Designation.
  • Accredited Staging Professionals® are committed to the principles and practices of marketing properties as Staged Homes
  • By their membership and participation in the International Home Staging Association, IAHSP®, ASPs® are held to professional ethical standards as they follow the IAHSP® Home Staging Code of Ethics.
  • Must pass a detailed written examination in the ASP® class. The test is 10 pages in length and created by Barb Schwarz, The actual Creator of Home Staging
ASPs® are taught to follow the below in the ASP® Course as they earn their ASP® Designation:
  • Renew yearly their detailed ASP® License agreement of membership with Stagedhomes.com, the World’s Leader in Home Staging Education
  • Agree to and uphold the ASP® Code of Ethics
  • Agree to and Uphold the ASP® Consumer Foundation of Service Creed
  • A Business license for their ASP® Staging Business as an ASP® Stager.
  • A Real Estate License if they are an ASP® Real Estate Agent.
  • Staging Insurance as an ASP® Stager
  • Error and Omissions insurance as an ASP® Real Estate Agent.
  • A Sales Tax ID number in the state where they work as an ASP® Stager
  • A commercial Checking account for their Business
  • To continue their education by returning to additional ASP® Courses to stay up to date in the Home Staging Industry and their ASP® Designation.
  • Hold current active membership in The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®
IAHSP® and the ASP® Designation are the benchmark association and designation and have been established and strongly built over many, many decades of time. This helps the public know that ASPs® are the true proven leaders in the Home Staging Industry as they serve their clients and consumers where they live and work. About the Accredited Staging® Professional, ASP®, and Master®, ASPM®, Courses The Accredited Staging Professional® Course and the Accredited Staging Professional® Master Course were created by Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging, President and CEO of Stagedhomes.com and the International Association of Home Staging® Professionals. Schwarz developed the concept of Home Staging® in the early 1970’s and has since educated more than one-million people on the subject. She is a nationally known and award-winning speaker, author and trainer. About Stagedhomes.com Training one person at a time; Staging® one home at a time; and empowering one family at a time through the magic of ASP® Home Staging®. We are dedicated to change what worked yesterday for what now excels today, and that which opens the way to tomorrow through the world of ASP® Home Staging® and Training at Stagedhomes.com About the International Association of Home Staging® Professionals® Foundation, IAHSP® The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging®, organizes the annual World Wide Staging Service Week, when local chapters around the United States and Canada participate in a week-long event to improve the lives of others through the magic of Home Staging®. Past benefactors have included improving such places as the Ronald McDonald House, nursing homes, schools, women’s shelters and assisting individuals who may be in need of selling their homes or businesses. Share at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Share this blog post with your Friends at Facebook, Connections at LinkedIn and Followers at Twitter. Click on the button below and click on the logo of the social network you want to share this article with.
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