What It’s Actually like to Remodel Your Home: Expectations vs. Reality

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Are you thinking about remodeling your home? If you are, you most likely know a lot about the project. The truth is that you need to plan well to be able to remodel successfully. For example, find the right circular saw to be able to cut steel, ceramic tiles, and the likes and manage your DIY project with incredible ease.

In other words, you should not trust the home renovation reality shows and other sources that tell you otherwise. Here is how they have likely shaped your opinion and reality.

DIYers Do not Spend a Dime

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Reality shows tell you that if you want to remodel your house without spending a coin, you can wake up one day and start the work. Ironically, pros supervise the DIY projects that the experts show on TV. Here, you are likely to see the families working hard. 

However, the hosts do not inform you that the individuals are relying on professionals to remodel their properties properly. Without a doubt, this is a dangerous misrepresentation of facts. To be safe, if you are untrained, seek professional guidance.    

You Can Find Everything You Need in One Place

On sources, such as reality TV shows, you see couples make a single trip to a home improvement store in the neighborhood and collect everything that they need. They mislead you that you can remodel your house whenever you want, whether you have a plan or not. The reality is that if you fail to plan, you may not successfully remodel as you desire.  A professional contractor will ask you to start the process several months before the renovation begin. 

You Can Remodel Remotely

Contrary to popular opinion, you have to be around to supervise all your renovations, whether it is a small bathroom remodel or small kitchen remodel. You need to voice your expectations whether you have hired experts to do the work on your behalf or are working with others.

The project is yours, and you have unique expectations that no one else can help you to achieve.

Reality Show Sets the Standard Cost

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Without a doubt, it is almost impossible to remodel your houses at the same rate as these shows. Their renovation budgets are often unbelievably low. If a bathroom remodel costs you more than twice that of reality TV shows, you should remember that you do not have sponsors. The cost to remodel kitchen can also be high as you do not benefit from heavily discounted rates too.

The Discounted Rates Make it all Smiles to the End

The media knows how to move the emotions of their audience. These communication experts ensure their viewers exactly get what they want to continue reaping from the $300 billion industry in the US. However, after the advertisements, the cameras leave, and many things begin to happen that viewers do not have a chance to see.

From our experience, the organizers quickly strip away the expensive furniture and décor.


Many people are addicted to commercial shows. So, if you rely on them to get information for your basement remodel or any other, you are not alone. Nevertheless, nothing is wrong with that as long as you keep the facts that we have shared here in mind. 

What other things can you advise your friend to do to renovate their home with ease?

Author Bio: Archie was a builder for more than 40 years. Mainly after his retirement the enthusiastic electrical works in garden and writes for a blog Homemakerguide.com to keep himself occupied. His many years of experience can get you the right tool reviews whether it is a drill, welding machine or so. An impressive fact to note about him is that almost everything in his house is a representation of his skills made by his hands.