What to Expect from the Accredited Staging Professional ® Course

Of all the questions I receive from thousands of Realtors® and prospective Home Stagers, the one I am probably asked the most is “What can I expect when attending the Accredited Staging Professional® Course?” While the focus definitely is Staging, Staging, Staging, virtually everyone shares with me afterwards that what they brought with them following the two or three-day course they had just attended was so much more than learning about Staging. It was, many say, a life changing experience that gave them a wealth of ideas. Not only for how to add Staging to their Realtor® model or how to become a Home Stager, but also for their business in general. Day One During the first day of the ASP® Course you will learn a process of successful working practices. There are many ASP® before and after slides showing you what sellers can do to Stage with what they already have in their homes. You will learn how to set professional policies and how to educate your clients so that they can understand the many benefits of home staging. Communication is crucial and our Stagedhomes.com approved trainer will teach you how to educate your seller to do whatever is required to Stage their home. Staging itself is the easy part; convincing the seller can be the hard part. On day one you will learn what to say and how to say it so that your sellers say yes! Day Two During the second day you will receive detailed training about the processes involved in Staging a house. We use many before and after examples and a powerful power point presentation to show additional Staging concepts and creative problem solving of how the seller can make magic out of almost nothing! You will find how creativity can be the best solution for your sellers in the best possible way. Then, in the afternoon you and your entire class go to a home that is on the market for sale and you actually help Stage a lived-in home for hands-on Staging experience with professional ASP® Stagers. Those who continue on the third day will learn the basics on how to successfully start and operate their own Home Staging business. You will receive expert instruction from a curriculum based on my Staging methodology and techniques refined by my over decades of time tested research. After your three days of detailed extensive staging training, you will graduate with hundreds of dollars worth of reference materials and Home Staging tools to start your business off right! Wonder who attends the ASP® Course? While in class you will meet Realtors® who want to take their practice to the next level by effectively educating their sellers on the benefits of Staging, and deliver a faster sale at a higher price. You will also meet entrepreneurs who are there to get started with a full-time Staging business as well as ASPs® who previously took the course. You see, once you’ve taken the course you can also come back again. It’s a benefit I feel is of great value as everyone sometimes needs to recharge, get new ideas, and network and brainstorm with others. Welcome to the Accredited Staging Professional® Course. I am confident it will, as it has for many before you, change your life and business. During the month of May, 2011, ASP® Home Staging® Training Courses will be held in Arnold/Annapolis, MD, Bellevue, WA, Birmingham, AL, Boynton Beach/West Palm Beach, FL, Charlotte, NC, Dallas/Carrollton, TX, and Irvine/Anaheim, CA. During the month of June, 2011, ASP® Home Staging® Training Courses will be held in Austin/Round Rock, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, Chesapeake, VA, Columbus, OH, Tampa, FL and Waltham/Boston, MA. Please click here for information about all ASP® Home Staging® Training Courses provided by Stagedhomes.com.

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