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Join the Hottest New Profession in Real Estate! This three day intensive Accredited Home Staging Training course designed by Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging® is for home-based professionals who want to start, build and run a profitable Staging business or for professionals interested in adding the ASP® designation and Staging services as part of their current real estate, home redecorating or design business. You will receive expert instruction from a curriculum based on Barb’s Staging methodology and techniques refined by her over decades of time tested research. Your class will be led by a® certified instructor. You will learn state-of-the-art Staging techniques from the pros, and then have the opportunity to put it into practice by Staging a “real” house as a group project (day two). Then you will invest a full days instruction on how to successfully start, build, run, and operate your own Staging business (day three). After your three days of detailed and extensive ASP® Home Staging Training, you will graduate with thousands of dollars worth of reference materials and Home Staging tools to start your business off right! You will become Accredited, Certified, and Designated as an ASP® upon your ASP® Graduation ASP® Home Stager Course Curriculum: Day 1: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Learn How to Educate Your Clients and the Real Estate Agents You Work with and Meet Day 1 is in a classroom environment where you will learn the details of the ASP® proven program of successful working practices. You will learn why and how to set Professional Policies of how to work with your clients.  You will learn the 3 proven ASP® Steps of service for your clients and all the key points of each step.  You will also learn how to educate your clients so that they can understand and value the Staging services that you will perform for them. You will learn how to use Staging as a marketing tool and a communication tool to acquire more business. Communication is crucial to your Staging success!  Staging Talent is one thing, but learning how to get your sellers and Real Estate agents to do what you share with them is another thing indeed.  You can be the greatest Stager in the world, but if you are not able to educate your clients on the benefits of Staging then they probably will not Stage® their home or listing with you. Therefore, your ASP® Course is very detailed on day one of how to communicate with your clients and RE Agents so that they say ‘yes’. We teach you how to educate your sellers to do whatever is required to Stage® their home. Staging many times is the easy part. Convincing the seller can be the hard part. On day one you will learn what to say and how to say it so that your sellers move ahead with you.  You will learn the ASP® Steps of Staging and Barb Schwarz amazing Home Staging Sayings. You will learn the ASP® service code and creed and the ASP® steps of serving clients the ASP® way which is the proven system that works!  Day One is the foundation for the also crucial 2 days to follow and it is the foundation of your entire ASP® Staging Business. This intensive Course is for Professional Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents Day 2: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Staging Day! Experience the “Magic” of Transforming an actual Home with ASP® Staging! In the morning of Day 2 of your ASP® Course, you will have detailed classroom training on how to Stage® a house in the different rooms that most homes have. Your ASP® course shows you that ASP® Staging is not about just “buying things” but rather and also how to work with what the homeowner has in ‘lived in homes’ and how to use your creativity to do the best possible work to serve your clients in the best possible way. There are hundreds of before and after pictures/slides to see as examples of what can be done working with just what the seller has in the lived in home. Vacant ASP® Home Staging will be discussed in detail of course too. You will see not only hundreds of’ before and after’ examples but you will learn Staging Ideas, Barb’s Categories of ideas, and materials to use, Barb’s crucial Staging Concepts, as the Creator of Home Staging®, and creative problem solving of how to make ASP® Staging magic out of almost anything! Then in the afternoon, you and your entire class will go to a home that is on the market for sale and you will actually Stage® a lived-in home for ASP® hands-on Staging Experience. This is not only fun but a very enlightening, educational, empowering, experience that will empower you and help you build confidence in your ability to Stage®. You will be responsible, in a small team of ASP®’s from the ASP® Class, to Stage® at least one room in the house during the afternoon as an important part of the ASP® Course.  Each team does a different room.  You learn also from what other teams have done creatively as well. This experience allows you to immediately put to use the ASP® Barb Schwarz Staging Concepts you learned in your ASP® class. Day 3: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Learn how to Build, Grow, and Run a successful Professional ASP® Home Staging Business! On day three, we present a very intensive session of how to: *Price your ASP® Home Staging Business, *Set up and grow your own inventory, *How to charge for your inventory rentals *How to market your Staging Business and how to market to different market segments *How to work with Real Estate Agents and the public *The multiple streams of income you can make and receive as an ASP® Home Stager *Stage® the Traditional Sellers  Home *Stage® Vacant Properties *Green Home Staging *Staging Investors Properties *Staging Bank Owned Properties and Short Sales *You will also learn how to prepare and present your bids and proposals as you are asked to Stage® a home and the steps involved in doing Bids and Proposals *How to conduct, prepare, and present a Home Staging Consultation to the seller and/or agent and the steps involved in Consultations *The Difference between a Bid and a Consultation * This intensive full day session is very powerful and filled to the brim with critical information to teach you how to open, build, run, and grow your ASP® Home Staging business. *All ASP® Stager attendees will be required to pass an oral, open book, exam to earn their ASP® Stager designation.**ASP Stagers must stay until 5:30 and complete the course in order to receive their designation.  (Please do not make travel plans that will interfere with completing the course)     Curriculum personally written by Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®The Creator of Home Staging® and the Home Staging Industry President and CEO of®, Founder/Chairwoman of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP® ASP® Course Offerings: Here are all of the great tools and services that you will receive upon graduation as an ASP® Home Staging Professional:
  • You will earn the ASP® Stager Designation and become listed FREE on the internet’s #1 top rated Staging website* Directory,®
  • You may post your ASP® Portfolio of previously Staged Houses FREE on the® web site so that your potential Staging clients can view the Homes that you have already previously Staged*
  • You may post your ASP® Staged Houses FREE that are currently for sale on the® Property Search so buyers can view the Staged homes that are for sale*
  • You will be given an ASP® Stager Profile FREE where you share information for the public and Real Estate Agents to see and read about you*
  • You will have your own ASP® Website Feature Page FREE: a powerful mini website on the® #1 rated web site*. This allows others to learn even more about your ASP® services and you*
  • A detailed ASP® Stager Training Manual, written by Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® and many additional ASP® Stager supplemental materials
  • Hands on experience of Staging an actual home that is on or going on the market for sale which is a fun, educational, and very empowering learning opportunity and experience for you
  • The ASP® Stager CAREERBook® Divider Pages in a PDF format created by Barb Schwarz.  Barb Schwarz invented The CAREERBook® so you will have the best format in the world.
  • Access to The One and Only Online Staging University® in the world, containing hundreds of pages of business templates, forms, and other support materials for your Staging business*
  • Access to numerous ASP® Branded Marketing Materials*
  • Exclusive Promotions, Discounts and Offers available only to ASPs® and your clients such as Sears® with up to 50% off*
  • Licensing of the official Stage® Trademark*
  • ASP® Lapel Pin and ASP® Course Certificate of completion and ASP® ID Card
  • Two ASP® Business Training CDs, created by Barb Schwarz loaded with hundreds of business building ideas that Barb has personally recorded for your continued learning as you graduate
  • One year FREE membership in the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®)*
  • Continuing Education Hours of additional ASP® Staging Education available to you, for a nominal fee, upon graduation to further your ASP® Business and Designation as your business grows*
*Requires yearly ASP® membership renewal and yearly acceptance and adherence to the ASP® Stager Course Agreement Please visit for more information.

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