Why a Professionally Staged Home Makes a Difference When Selling

When it is time to sell a home, you must have it staged professionally. There are several reasons why hiring a knowledgeable stager is the best plan. Here is a list of the reasons that staging your home for the real estate market is recommended by experts.

Make Your Rooms Look Larger

Potential buyers want to look at homes that have spacious rooms, and a stager understands how to make smaller rooms seem larger. The stager may use your current furniture to create this effect, but she may bring specialized furniture to your home instead. By using certain types of furniture that are streamlined and smaller, it will make a tiny room look huge.

Augment a Room’s Features

While staging furniture, such as couches or bookshelves, the expert is trying to augment a room’s best features. If a living room has a fireplace, then the stager will place furniture around it in a strategic way to display it to the buyers. When a family room has a large window with a view of a beautiful garden, the stager will arrange furniture so that the view is featured.

Rooms That Look Unique

When a developer has several single-family homes for sale, the buyers may visit each house, and it is important for each home to have a unique appearance. A stager will visit the different houses to create a plan for creating beautiful rooms that have a variety of elements. With this method, the buyers won’t feel as if they are visiting a hotel that has identical houses that have no personality. Each house will have unique decor with an assortment of colors and styles of furniture.

Make More Money From Your Home

There are studies that reveal that a staged home will make you more money. While your neighbors are struggling to get their asking price on a house, you will receive offers that are higher, helping you to make a profit. Despite the cost of hiring a stager for your home, it is a valuable way to sell a property to a buyer who believes that the house has more potential than the home next door that isn’t staged.

Last, you will sell a house faster with professional staging. Staged homes are sold 80% faster than a home that is prepared only by a homeowner. This means that you aren’t burdened with the costs associated with owning a home that is still listed on the real estate market.

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