Why Large Roof Lanterns Are Perfect For Brightening a Room

Why Large Roof Lanterns Are Perfect For Brightening a Room Roof Lantern 1 Natural light will always be the best way to brighten up a home. Even ignoring the health benefits of light from the sun, natural light can really open up a room and offer something few artificial light sources can replicate. What if, then, your room is on the wrong side of your property and doesn’t catch the sun properly? What if it’s on the right side, but the windows are too small to let any decent amount of it in? Roof lanterns are an excellent way to maximise natural light and all the benefits that come along with it, by opening up the ceiling with double or triple-glazed glass. You are generally limited to rooms that do not have anything directly above them, like another room, but installation is surprisingly straightforward given what it requires and the benefits they bring. If you’re not convinced yet, below are a few more reasons why we love them. They’ll save you money in winter Almost all roof lanterns offer thermally efficient build quality that allows light in, but then traps it with insulation and double or triple glazed glass. This makes it both an economically friendly choice as you won’t be using up gas or electricity to keep your home warm, but also a financially sound choice too because you won’t be paying for that gas or electricity anymore. They’ll save you money in summer, too Some roof lanterns come with latches to open them, and this can be a lifesaver in summer. Instead of having a million fans on at once to help cool you down, simply opening up the roof lantern will provide a great source of fresh air and cooling.  Since hot air rises, this also adds to the ventilation properties and will help cool any room down massively. Some roof lanterns even come with a solar control layer, which can block out over 82% of harmful UV rays from the sun. They make spaces look bigger Bright colours are very effective at making an area feel larger, since these reflect light, which creates a feeling of space. This is also why black colours often make rooms look smaller, as they absorb light. Bright walls and artificial light, then, are often used to open up smaller rooms, but pouring light in from above with a roof lantern is the best way to take advantage of this mind trick. They’re made to specification Everyone’s vision of their own home is different; that’s what makes interior design so fascinating. That is also why roof lanterns are built to the customer’s specification. A list of styles including double hip, mono pitch, double pitch, octagonal and more all mean that you can find something to match your needs easily, and the ability to build them to specific measurements means that no room is too big or too small. They’re stylish, as well as practical Roof Lantern 2 It really can’t be understated the effect a roof lantern can have on a room. Flooding a room with natural light from above, especially if combined with large bay windows in the walls, can make for a much more natural living space; as good as sitting outside sometimes, just without all the flies using your food as a landing pad. The effect of the light the roof lanterns let in has been referred to plenty, which might undersell how great the lanterns themselves actually look. Even at night, without any sunlight to flood in, they add a touch of class to their surroundings and can really complete a room you might not even know needed completing. Have you considered installing roof lanterns before? Are you thinking about using one to help your home sell? Let us know in the comments below! This post contributed by:  the team at Vision Rooflights

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