Wish List for the Stagedhomes.com Blog

I want to make sure this blog is relevant to your business, and that you receive valuable tips you can use in your business. This blog is a great place to share news about upcoming opportunities, business-building tips and advice, and resources available to you, and my question now is: what would you like to see covered here at the Stagedhomes.com blog? Please let me know so that we can bring you the information you want and need. You can post a comment here at the blog, and if you prefer to send me an email, please do so to [email protected]. Live in Joy, ASP® Stage® with Joy and Enjoy the Wonder and Magic of it all! Barb Barb Schwarz The Creator of Home Staging® CEO StagedHomes.com Founder/Chairwoman, The International Association of Home Staging Professionals  
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One thought on “Wish List for the Stagedhomes.com Blog

  1. I would love to see info on whether ASP stagers are expected to do things like re-caulk bathtubs, take down wallpaper, paint, take down and frost mirrored doors, etc. And if we are, I’d like more “how-to” info on handling these kinds of projects.


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