Working on Your ASP® Budget for 2011? Here are Top Ten Reasons to Consider Earning the ASPM® Designation in 2011.

With about two months left of 2010, are you currently setting your business goals and budget for next year. Consider earning the ASPM® designation in 2011. Why consider earning the ASPM® designation? To enable you to take your business to the next level on a much faster pace than you would ever have imagined. Here are the top ten reasons you should consider earning the ASPM® designation: 1.    The Power of Networking During the ASPM® program you’ll meet other ASPs who, like you, have built successful Home Staging businesses. An invaluable part of the days you are attending the program is hearing from others what they’ve done to grow their businesses. 2.    From Bids to Consultation – Build an Efficient Process Are you making the most of every day? Are you using an effective process for marketing, developing presentations, creating bids, Staging, and administrative routines? By building a process you’ll free up time to build business, and the ASPM® program will show you how! 3.    Q&A with the Creator of Staging As an ASP® you’ve probably had experiences where you’ve wanted to ask “What would Barb say or do?” Maybe you’d like to ask a marketing-specific question, or maybe ask for tips about a specific Home Staging project? A special Q & A session will give you the chance to ask her all those questions you’ve been wanting to find the answers to. 4.    Learn to Shop for Less You’ve probably come across how challenging it can be to find inexpensive yet effective merchandise for your Staging projects. Not only will the ASPM® class teach you how to make money; it will show you how you can save money too! 5.    Effective Marketing Strategies One session is specifically designed to teach you the basics of how you can effective market your Home Staging business. You’ll learn successful marketing ideas and techniques you’ll be able to immediately employ in your business. 6.    Tips and Techniques to Prepare Consultations Specific to Vacant Properties and Lived-In Homes Respectively One Home Staging project isn’t another alike. Vacant properties require a different approach from lived-in homes, and Barb will show you how to best prepare consultations for both. 7.    Role-Play to Sharpen Your Presentation Technique Want to know if your value proposition is the most effective it can be? Want to learn more about public speaking? Need to have someone else review how you come across when you give your presentation? Great – you’ll find it all in the ASPM® class. Barb will give you constructive ideas, tips, information.  This experience will prove invaluable as you’ll develop excellent presentation and communications skills during the week. In the ASPM® Course you’ll give presentations for your bids and consultations for Staging a vacant and a lived-in home to Barb and the class. Later in the week you will also present a 5 minute presentation you have written during the week and as you are filmed during your talk you may take the film home with you for your own private review too.  To succeed in business it is so important to be able to speak in front of groups and to all kinds of people.  As a seasoned, award winning professional speaker Barb will share her many years of experience with you for your own personal benefit. 8.    Creative Staging Ideas Let Barb show you how you can stand out in your local marketplace – learn new Staging techniques from the master!  The ASPM® continues where the ASP® course ended, providing you with proven Staging ideas that will make your projects stand out. 9.    Build Your ASP Business Faster The ASPM® program is designed to help you speed up the process to become a successful Home Stager. By learning effective marketing, Staging, and how to administratively run your business you’ll be a much more effective business owner once you graduate with the ASPM® designation. 10.    Additional Resources In addition to what you received when you graduated from your ASP® Course, you will receive the following materials once you complete the ASPM® Course: •    ASPM® Masters Designation •    Detailed ASPM® Stager Course Manual and ASPM® supplemental materials •    ASPM Lapel Pin and ASPM® Certificate of Graduation •    Unlimited ASPM® Refresher Courses as an active ASPM® member for a nominal fee •    A special 8 page ASPM® Featured Page •    ASP® Stager CAREERbook® and DVD of how to prepare your CAREERbook •    ASP® Stager Marketing Portfolio •    The Keys to Unlock your Personal Success Audio series by Barb Schwarz •    How to Price Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar! DVD •    How to Stage Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar! DVD •    Barb’s bestselling Book: “Staging to Sell: The Secret to Selling Homes in a Down Market!” •    Barb’s latest Book: “Building a Successful Home Staging Business” •    ASP® Staging Kit which includes:  Furniture Moving Disks, Furniture lifter, Clean Ayre, ASP® Gloves for projects, The Home Staging Photo Bag personally designed by Barb Schwarz •    ASP® Shirt •    $100 cash for a shopping trip with Barb to Stage your custom room project “The class with Barb was phenomenal.  I truly feel that any time spent with her is a great investment in yourself and your business.  She really showed us how we were leaving money on the table by not presenting our consultations and proposals in person.  The taped REALTOR® office presentation helped me to refine my own presentation.  Watching the other presentations gave me new ideas for mine in the future.” ~ Rebecca Henderson, ASPM® “I cannot recommend the ASP® Master’s course highly enough. Taking the ASP® Master’s course has made a great difference to my Staging business. Training with Barb Schwarz , the Creator of Home Staging, in an ASP® Masters course will change your life.” ~~Edith Bookstein, ASPM®, Recipient of the 2007 ASP Spirit Award “I have been back 2 weeks now and can’t believe the difference that the course has made for me in the way I market my business and interact with clients and REALTORS®.  I truly appreciate all you taught us at the class and am so glad I went.  I made a presentation to a real estate office just a few days after I returned and got 2 projects so far from the presentation. I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. They helped immensely.  I made great friends at the course and have been in touch with some of the ladies.  I have never been part of a business that is so generous in nature.  You are a phenomenal example to us all. Thanks so much.” ~~Teresa Rojek, ASPM® The next opportunity to earn the ASPM® designation will take place in Whidbey Island, WA, (Seattle) from April 11 through 15, 2011. Please click here for information.

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