Your Home is Staged… Why it is important to keep it that way

 You have now invested in Staging your home for sale. What an accomplishment! It looks beautiful and you are now ready to go on the market… but the key is keeping it Staged.

The way you lived in your home and the way you live in your home when you are selling it are two different things. It is very important that you keep your home in the same condition that your Accredited Staging ProfessionalTM (ASPTM) has designed. The chair that is now in a new room may not be ideal for everyday living, but your trained ASPTM understands that the new placement is ideal for selling your home. The placement of your items is crucial when an ASPTM Stages your home. The buyers must be able to mentally move into “their” new home. Do your very best to keep the furniture arrangements as they are. If it is imperative to make a change, consult your ASPTM before making any changes. Chances are your ASPTM will be able to make a change to accommodate your needs.

It is also important for everyone in the family to follow these 7 simple tips.
  • Make all beds everyday
  • Keep all toilet seats down
  • Make sure towels are hung properly
  • Make sure all crumbs are cleaned from counter tops after meals
  • Turn all lights on when showing and have FM radio with light music on during showings
  • Don’t leave dirty clothes on the floor and put all your belongings away
  • Keep all counter top items put away

Remember this is a short period of time to keep up a Staged home. When the home is out of escrow take everyone out for a family outing or a Congratulations dinner. Simply buying the kids a new CD, toy or concert tickets for your teen may be just the reward they are looking for. It is important to recognize the entire family’s efforts. Good luck and happy Staging.

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