3 New Year – New Look Tips for Homeowners

With the holidays past, many homeowners are now focusing on how to add normalcy back in 2021. To begin, start by considering a few homeowner tips you can tackle easily yourself to help get 2021 started in the right direction.

Living Room Decor Tricks

Your living room or family room is a gathering place: from watching your favorite show or team on television, to sitting on the sofa and playing board games, to relaxing in your chair and reading a book. With this area of the home getting as much use as it does, you’ll want to be sure it is designed and set up for comfort, especially after a year where it may have gotten more use than usual. Work to create a focal piece that draws your eyes straight to the room so it appears organized and welcoming. This can be a fireplace or mantle, or a large custom canvas piece. Whether you are dealing with a large space or a smaller space, you will likely build your furniture layout around the focal point. From there, begin arranging your decor. Start with your biggest piece and work your way down. A comfortable, yet affordable living room couch may just be the item you need to kickstart your redesign, then fill in space with accent pieces from area rugs to smaller home decor pieces like vases and coffee table centerpieces.

Maximize Small Spaces

Every house has a space that seems too small to do anything with or has an awkward corner that naturally becomes a spot for piling junk. Small spaces, however, don’t need to be shrouded areas in the home. Instead, use some creativity and turn what you already have into something great. If limited on space, consider hanging a mirror to instantly add an optical illusion of a bigger space. Don’t limit yourself to just a mirror, however. You can also use other tricks. For example, if you’re limited in natural storage areas in your home, take a look at multipurpose shelving units from floor to ceiling. Not only will this help you free up some floor area, but it will also allow you to utilize often unused wall space and give your room a larger feel. The vertical approach to storage will give you more freedom for more home decor design as well.

Thinking Big Picture

With a new year approaching, it’s a great time to rethink your living style as a whole. Start taking inventory of all the spaces you have in your house and how you can make better use of them, whether that comes in the form of decluttering and doing a deep clean or prepping guest bedrooms for out of town travelers when it is safe. Cleaning your current space can be a good way to leave 2020 in the rearview mirror. Start by considering everything you absolutely need vs. those items that are only used occasionally. Decluttering the items you’ve amassed over the years can help you keep 2021 on a positive, clean note and allow you the freedom to design your home to your liking.

As you head further into the new year, do so with a fresh outlook and your mind focused on what’s most important to you. For the time being, it’s a great way to tidy up your home, redesign and maximize your spaces and plan for the coming year!

Blog article submitted by guest contributor.