Why Stagedhomes.com® ?

When looking to attend a course in Home Staging, there are a lot of options out there. Searching online for a class yields a lot of results – and it can be challenging to know which direction to go, what information shared is accurate or inflated, and what course is the best one for you. We can help shed some light on what to look for in not only a course, but a COMPANY – the Education and Association that will stand behind you as you grow your business long term.

Wondering if you need CREDENTIALS to be part of this industry – CLICK HERE to learn more about why they DO matter.

We KNOW Home Staging

The owners and leaders of Stagedhomes are all ACTIVE IN the industry they serve. The Leadership Team for Stagedhomes.com is comprised of highly successful professional Home Stagers. We all got our start like you – wondering how to get growing and what class to take. We found our way into the industry and received a firm foundation provided by the Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) Course.

We own successful Home Staging Businesses in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington. President & CEO, Jennie Norris, got started in 2002, and to date she and her teams have Staged more than 5,300 properties. Collectively, our Leadership Team has over 150 years of experience and over 20,000+ properties Staged, with some of the largest Home Staging warehouses in the world housing large volumes of decor and furniture used to tastefully Stage properties for sale.

We are the only Home Staging Training company that Accredits YOU – the Student. You receive the HIGHEST level of credentials available – which gives you added credibility with your clients. Our Course is also Accredited by a third party entity, IAHSP®, that reviewed it for content and standards, approving it as part of an in-depth review process.

We Created the Industry!

When you look at the roots of Home Staging and they will take you back to 1972 when the founder of Stagedhomes.com, Barb Schwarz, was a newer real estate agent in the Seattle area. She coined the phrase, “Staging,” as it relates to real estate, and helped establish the industry by conducting seminars throughout North America in the 80’s and 90’s. Reaching over 1 million real estate agents with the message about Staging, she launched the first Home Staging Training company, Stagedhomes.com, in 1999. We were the very first company to teach courses to those who wanted to set up professional Home Staging businesses. To date, we have graduated more people than any other industry training company, and paved the way for added education. We were the first to launch a Masters Program and a course for Staging Assistants.

We Understand the ROOTS of Home Staging

Home Staging is often confused with and compared to Interior Design or Decorating. Even though there may be some cross over elements, we understand Home Staging at its core is a MARKETING tool for the REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY. The reason Home Staging exists is to help properties sell faster and at the best price based on market conditions. A Home Staging Course needs to understand that principle as a core value and emphasis.

The ASP® Course teaches the fundamentals of Home Staging as well as how to own and operate a successful Staging business. It teaches about the mindset of not only a real estate agent who would incorporate Staging as a key listing and marketing tool, but also of the Seller who may be skeptical about using Staging. This is necessary for a Stager to get business and know how to market to their target client.

We Understand the BUSINESS of Home Staging

“What you do looks like so much FUN!” Home Staging business owners hear that comment – a LOT! Even though Staging is fun and rewarding, it is also hard work, physical and demanding. We teach our students how to establish, market, manage and maintain a SUCCESSFUL Staging BUSINESS. There are many talented people who have come and gone in the industry because they were never taught the fundamentals of business success.

Our course teaches:

  • Pricing Your Services for Profit
  • Goal Setting and Business Planning
  • Marketing and How to Obtain Business
  • Staging Process for Consultations and Proposals
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Business Budgeting
  • and much more.

We are here for you AFTER you graduate.

One of the biggest concerns a person has when looking to pay money for a business course is, “What kind of support will I have AFTER the class is over?” You want to make sure you are not giving your money to a company whose last official act is depositing your money in their bank account.

Our graduates have the STAGING UNIVERSITY® – an online resource full of business and marketing support materials and information to help you succeed. Our staff is here to help you too – via email and phone call – and work diligently to ensure our members feel supported and equipped for success.

The Staging U has many resources including:

  • Sample Marketing Pieces
  • Staging Agreements
  • Sample Bid Proposals
  • Industry Vendor Program with Preferred Member Discounts
  • Mentoring Program
  • Social Media Platforms for Sharing and Collaboration
  • IAHSP® Membership (6 or 12 mos of membership for first year)
  • FAST-Track Sessions (Focused Accelerated Stager Training) with an added 14 hours of education INCLUDED with your tuition
  • Added Designations such as Buyer Trends Specialist, Color Specialist, Photography, and Luxury Home Staging
  • Added 65+ hours of educational topics from Home Staging Talk Show LIVE Broadcasts

You will belong to the world’s LARGEST and LONGEST RUNNING Home Staging Association – IAHSP® – The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®

Our graduates receive a full year membership in IAHSP® as part of their tuition. The annual membership is nominal but the value is worth MUCH more! IAHSP® allows you to plug into regional and/or remote chapters of colleagues who are open-minded and share successes and challenges. The IAHSP® Vendor Program allows you to access companies who sell to us WHOLESALE – saving you a lot of money as you grow your Staging business. We do not charge extra for this program – unlike other associations – and have ONE PRICE with NUMEROUS BENEFITS.

IAHSP® is a Global Force and is your Home the Home Staging Industry. With members around the world, you are part of a truly international organization with colleagues doing what you are doing for their clients in their country – all of us working to succeed and advance the professionalism of Home Staging.