3 Ways To Attract Millennial Home Buyers With Your Social Media

In the Millennials picture of the world, it is not entirely wise to take root too deeply. These are free people who do not tolerate restrictions, frameworks, stereotypes, and prohibitions. They are willing to pay for impressions – but they are not ready to pay for material values, and even more so, to make long-term investments in liabilities. Yes, the house is a liability, but does this mean that millennials do not buy housing at all? No, it doesn’t. Only 36% of them strongly believe that it does not make sense – and the rest have their own reasons not to buy. Or buy if you can find a common language with this target audience. And our article is just about that.

Social Media in the Spotlight

Millennials are a generation of social networks. These people do not know anything about the world without their existence. Moreover, 99 percent of millennials will start searching online or on a social network with the intention of buying something – including real estate. And 62% of them are really ready to buy from a brand with which they had successful social interaction.

As for the real estate industry, social networks are a real klondike of opportunities, this is a real perfect-match and 100% win-win option. Therefore, if you still have not included social networks in your marketing strategy, now is the time to do it, and we will tell you what to look for in order to attract millennials.

Understand What Millenials Want From You as a Realtor and Your Social Profile As Well

Here, as elsewhere, the golden marketing rule applies – get an understanding of what your customers want and they will be yours. Therefore, it makes sense to figure out what the millennials expect from the realtor and his behavior on social networks.

A Website With Everything They Need

It’s even strange to talk about it – the need for a website is so obvious. However, this is not enough for the millennials. They do not want just a real estate website – they want a modern site with a chatbot, educational content, a smart search system, updated contacts, answers to their questions and the ability to contact in one click.

Understanding of their Necessities

Yes, we have already said this, but here you need to dig a little deeper. When making decisions about buying real estate, millennials are waiting for their needs to be understood  – about what kind of house they need, how much they are willing to pay, what lending conditions will suit them, what are the key requirements, and which are secondary, and much more. For them, this is all obvious – and this should be obvious to you as well.

Video Content

It does not make sense to talk about the photo – this is obvious. But it makes sense to say about the video. They are a video-driven generation — they don’t always want to flip through photos or read, they always want videos.

Augmented Reality Employed

No, they don’t want to spend their time watching the house live – they want augmented reality and a tour of all corners of a potentially suitable house right here and now. Otherwise, the further conversation does not make sense.

Educational Materials

Moreover, they will not spend their time and money on preliminary consultations – they themselves are able to delve into the topic, and then ask additional questions about loan conditions or other subtleties of real estate transactions. Therefore, they want a lot of fresh, professional and understandable educational content. And freelance authors who work on the Online Writers Rating review website can help you with its creation.

Your Strong Social Presence

Remember the statistics that we cited at the beginning of the article? This item is just about it.

Use All the Social Platforms Available to Achieve Different Goals

Your social media strategy should be comprehensive. It would be unreasonable to concentrate on only one social network and ignore others at the same time. Therefore, let’s see what you can do in each of them.


Facebook is an ideal channel for attracting because this platform allows you to segment your target audience according to very flexible parameters, and therefore, hit your target directly with the help of your advertising. Therefore, advertising on Facebook should be your main focus on this site.

Plus, all other approaches also work – high-quality educational and video content, hashtags, polls, stories and reviews from real customers must be present on your Facebook profile.


Twitter is well suited to attracting an audience to a site. For example, you can make short posts with your new listings, or announce new educational or video materials on the site.


It is unlikely that you will find customers on Linkedin – this social network has its own specifics. However, this tool can tell well about you as a real estate or home stager professional. Therefore, do not forget to update your profile from time to time, show new achievements, and also come up with an attractive header and your description as a specialist.


Instagram and real estate is a perfect match, in fact. Instagram is visual, and people are guided by emotions – including millennials. The most beautiful and attractive photos can become your competitive advantage. In addition, it is very easy to engage subscribers through stories and contests. IGTV allows you to share full-fledged videos. Influencer marketing also works best on Instagram. User-generated content from customers may testify in your favor better than written feedback. And advertising is very easily configured from Facebook.

Don’t Wait But Get in Touch with Them on Your Own

You definitely need to have a strong marketing strategy on social networks – but you don’t need to limit yourself to just that. You can always generate new leads through landing pages and targeted ads, motivate them to leave contact information and, of course, share on social networks.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to attract millennials to purchase real estate through social networks – it is enough to speak with them in one language. Yes, this is a difficult target audience, which is convinced that renting is more profitable than buying – however, young people who still buy are also not mythical heroes. Provided that you target and hit their expectations, of course.

Article submitted by Nancy Howard – a young blogger and writer from London.