Let it Snow – 8 Interior Design Trends for the Winter

Many people who don’t like winter say they do enjoy the coziness of a warm home during this season. You know that feeling when you see the snow falling through the window while drinking hot chocolate and listening to the fireplace crackling? That’s a winter home. If you are wondering how to introduce this atmosphere to your living space while keeping up with the trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Go with White

Painting the rooms is the best place to start. White walls are always a great backdrop for the rest of your interior décor endeavors. In this case, white walls can mimic snow. White or light grey can also be the ideal canvas for Scandinavian design, which is very popular for its minimalistic yet comfy approach.

Or Make It Rich

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One of the 2021 trends for winter and autumn design is using rich and deep colors, such as mulberry tones, ink blue, and burnt orange. The dramatic palette means that you will need to be a bit more careful with combining the colors, but it’s a good challenge. Pick one dominant color, another that will be moderately present, and just a few accents.

Let Hygge Guide You

Hygge is a famous Scandinavian philosophy of living. It’s all about comfort and serenity, and it can be implemented in your home.  Here are some tips on accomplishing it:

  • Up your lighting game by adding fireplaces, candles, and lamps.
  • Use large knotted blankets and soft cushions.
  • Add imperfect handmade accessories.
  • Use natural materials.
  • Choose the most comfortable type of bed sheets, such as Egyptian cotton, jersey knit, and Tencel.
  • Include various rich textures.

All about the wood

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Wood is a naturally warm material. If you want to design in the Scandinavian style, opt for light wood. If you want a warmer and more retro feel, go with dark or aged wood (for the floors and furniture). You can go deeper into the woods (pun intended) by using bedding, wallpaper, or accessories with woodland animal motifs.

Other Natural Materials

Other natural materials can be just as effective as wood, and probably more affordable. Cane is an interesting choice, and it is currently going through a renaissance. You can see it on sofas, chairs, sideboards, and beds. You will get a similar retro chic effect with rattan. It takes you right back to the ’70s. Plus, it is lightweight and easy to move around.

Just Like Your Granny’s Home

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 There’s a particular warmth that many of us associate with the houses of our grandmothers. They were usually full of flower motifs, textures, and many colors. For this type of décor, you’ll use multiple colors and patterns. Adorn your home with rich wallpaper, layered rugs, and velvet furniture. Retro lamps and heavyweight drapery are very welcome.

Panel It

If you’re looking to add some warmth and heritage to your walls, consider paneling. You don’t have to do it throughout the entire house. In fact, paneling only one corner of the living room and transforming it into a reading nook, or paneling one part of the dining room and creating a cozy eating space, will be very effective. If you are a crafty DIY-er, you can even panel the walls yourself.

The Rustic Feel

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Who wouldn’t be impressed with a romantic cabin in the woods like the ones we see in Christmas movies? Well, you can make this ambiance in your home. Here are some basic principles of rustic design you should follow:

  • Use organic, imperfect wood textures.
  • Consider reclaimed or raw wood. Hickory, pine, alder, and cherry are also great choices for emulating the cottage feel.
  • Incorporate wrought metals.
  • Complement the wood elements with stone or brick.
  • Get salvaged furniture pieces and polish them up just a little bit. You want to be able to tell their age.
  • Spread sturdy fabrics around the house.
  • Some classic patterns to consider are patchwork, buffalo check, and calico.
  • Get creative with the details. For example, you can use tree branches as coat hangers or chandeliers, old ladders as shelves, stumps for nightstands, and logs for decorative items.

Final Word

When you are inside, winter can be the warmest season of all. You just need to utilize interior design tricks and hacks. Hopefully, these few tips were sufficient to spark your imagination, and you can add a touch of your own once you get started.

Author Bio

Hannah Thomas is a gardening and home decor enthusiast. Garden is the place where she feels most comfortable, that’s why there are always a lot of books and empty coffee cups on the back porch.