A Stager Prepares Your House, A Master Stager Makes it More Marketable! Know The Difference

You have finally decided to sell your house for good. Or perhaps you are a real estate agent who is looking for a home stager to help you clear the pile of homes that you are unable to sell yet. Well, in both cases, you are going to need a home stager. What is a home stager you ask? A home stager is a person who prepares your house and makes it presentable in front of potential buyers in the market. But how? They assess your property interior and exterior and advise you on what to do to make your property more marketable using your things and/or bringing in items from their inventory. The goal is to stage your home in such a way, that it looks appealing to anyone who is in the market and looking for a house. But, it is not that simple. Not everyone who works in the staging industry has a proven record or expertise, and only a few out of many can be considered to be a Master Stager. Do you know why? A professional stager is one who has education IN home staging and has taken a reputable course to learn the process, concepts and nuances involved. A Master Stager has taken their education to the highest level, investing in their knowledge and resources to serve their clients in the best way possible.

When you are in the market looking for something, getting the best quality available for that particular product or service is a primary consideration. While looking for a stager to hire, there are a few qualities that you must look for, as a stager can prepare your house for good but, it requires a master of the field to make the transaction fruitful for you. 

Let’s take a look at some key differences between a stager & a Master Stager:

1. A Stager Treats it Like a Job, A Master Stager Makes it an Opportunity

When you hire a stager, the first thing you need to understand is that it is not a simple job to sell a house, and finding the right person to help advise you on how best to present your house is what you should look for while hiring a stager. No doubt that the staging industry is full of creative people, however, there is no point in being creative, if you are not interested in what you are doing and just doing it for the sake of your job. While a normal stager takes up any house as a job, a Master Stager is the one that takes it as an opportunity to depict skills and takes a complete interest in all the important aspects of your house. It is an opportunity for anyone to understand a house, its locality as it enhances a home stager’s skill when they work in different neighborhoods. It is really important to understand this difference as the entire deal depends on the approach of your home stager. 

2. A Stager Manages in the Resources Available, A Master Stager is Resourceful

There are several times when a client does not have the required resources to make their household look welcoming and more attractive for the buyers. A stager tries to manage the available resources, which sometimes can work for the owner, but not every time. There is nothing harmful in managing the available resources, but then again, you are not going to live in the house yourself and you are going to have to make look it attractive. A Master Stager has many resources and connects their clients with known contacts that can provide them the required services. Also, as you already are familiar, creativity is one of the biggest fortes of a Master Stager so they can also get innovative with the existing resources and make them look appealing in a whole different way. 

3. A Stager Goes By the Books, A Master Stager Improvises

Improvisation is the biggest asset and virtue for a home stager. It is also important to go by the books as it is a sign of being a professional in the field, but not everything and every situation can be handled by rules and guidelines. There are situations when you are required to do the needful and act according to your will and the situation and that is what a master stager does. A stager is responsible for managing your house till the time it is sold. You can say that they are the master of your house for that particular time and they are in complete control of where to keep what and how to present what in front of the audience so, a little improvisation, when the situation presents itself does no harm. Once again, there is nothing wrong with going by the books but, as it has been seen in history, a mind that can improvise and adapt to a situation is to be preferred.

4. A Stager Tries to Make the Sale, A Master Stager Aims For Profit

A stager might be great at selling things, but what you need is someone who analyzes what you are asking for in your house and works with your agent to help maximize the potential offer. A good stager prepares your house in such a way that it meets your requirements however, a Master Stager pushes the limits by providing some great insights about selling the house and making amends to the existing system or arrangement. They are going to be honest about what you need to do to update, remodel and re-arrange to maximize the potential of your house. You see a stager does what he is asked to do and that is why they sometimes fail in delivering the results reason being the fact that a home stager is supposed to prepare the home and provide guidance about how to sell it, not the house owner. A freewill is necessary and a Master Stager never forgets that. Choose a stager who provides you an analysis from their past experiences. 

5. A Stager Sells the House, A Master Stager Sells the Features

One of the biggest mistake that a stager can make is this one. A home stager does everything they know to help your house look good, but a Master Stager understands your house. You see when you are in the market looking for any sort of gadget or goods, you are not looking just for that products, you are always looking for the features, something extra or something that makes it more valuable than it is, similarly, a master stager tries to understand your house, its locality, the features that it provides to the buyer, from interior features such as focal points like a fireplace or view window, and also things to minimize that might be potential issues for buyers. Features are always present in every surrounding, the real talent is required to spot them and highlight them or minimize them according to the requirements.

Final Takeaway 

By now you undestand the key differences between a home stager and a Master Home Stager. If you are looking for a home stager to help you out, make sure that you choose a perfect match for your requirements and get yourself a master stager. This is also helpful for those who are looking for a career in the field as they can easily understand what they want to become and how they can improve themselves. To find a Master Stager, go to www.Stagedhomes.com and search the online directory to locate one that serves your area

Author’s BIO – Raina is an architect, writer, and academic counselor and provides essay help to students from a similar background. He also runs a real estate consultancy where he provides people with advice on which house to buy and what to look for in a house.