Here’s How You Can Stage Your Garage for Home-Selling

Real estate sellers know the importance of staging the home before listing it down to the market. However, the garage is often overlooked when it comes to staging the house. Some sellers tend to forget that people also need a garage for storage.

The garage can be a selling point in home selling, especially for the man in the house who needs storage for his tools, car, or even his man cave. There are tons of tips and guides online on how to stage a home for sale, but there are limited choices for tips and guides for staging the home garage.

This article will give you insight into the things you need to consider in staging your garage. 


It’s important that prospect buyers can see your garage space as big enough to fit their vehicles.

Some garages are not used for cars. Instead, they’re used for gym equipment, storage for tools, and other miscellaneous items. This means that your garage should be staged in such a way that the prospective buyer will feel like his or her stuff will fit in the garage.

One of the worst things you can do in staging your garage is to make it look stuffy or cramped with less to no functional space. Storage is your strongest selling point about your garage. Hence, make it look well put-together and big enough to be the perfect storage for your buyer’s stuff.

Sort through your things

Go through your things and identify which ones will be used in staging your garage. Start by making a donate pile, discard pile, pack pile, and keep pile. Since you will be moving into a new home, then you should be smart in putting things in different piles.

The keep pile may be used to stage your garage. However, if there are things in your keep pile that compromise the design aesthetic of the garage, then you can keep them in boxes and stack them on one side of the garage. This process will also help the buyer envision about how many things he or she can put inside the garage.

Clean Up

The next step is to clean your garage. You don’t want your prospective buyer to see a cluttered garage. It is essential to clean it before letting people view your home. Clear out the cobwebs, deep clean the floor, wipe the storage spaces, clean the walls, and fix any dents.

If the floor has oil stains, wipe it with an old towel. If the stains are still present, pour paint thinner until the stain is saturated. Soak it overnight. The next day, scrub the stain with a steel brush or hard-bristled broom. If the stain still does not come off, consider using epoxy.

Another way to clean the garage is to paint it. Getting fresh paint for your garage will make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Not only does painting cover up scratches and dents, but it also gives a more refreshing and cleaner look for the garage, which buyers love to see.

Put up storage systems

The primary purpose of having a garage is for storing things. The things you keep for yourself should be organized when you are trying to stage your garage. There are so many ways to organize your garage – bicycle rack, hanging racks and cabinets, wall racks, and tool cabinets.

Having an organized storage system will save you a lot of floor space. Plus, your garage will also look clean and tidy! One of the selling points of a garage is it being clean and spacious enough so that the buyer will envision what he or she wants to happen in the garage.

Fix the Door

The garage door is one of the first things that people see in a house. It would be best if you considered how your home looks like on the outside. That’s why after cleaning and tidying your garage, you may want to change your garage door.

Garage doors can come in different colors, sizes, and styles that will fit your house. Suppliers, like A Grade Services, offer services such as garage door installation, repair, custom garage doors, and putting an automated function to your garage doors.

If your garage door is automated, make sure that your remote is working. Change its batteries or charge it beforehand. It is good to let your prospective buyer experience your automatic garage doors, as it will also be a good selling point for your house.


Staging your garage can be a lot of work, but can be worth the investment for your time and money because although the main thing that the buyer wants is the house, the garage is still one of the things that people consider in buying a home.

Article submitted by: Tyler Plack, Freelance Write [email protected]