How to Remodel Your Bathroom for a More Timeless Look

Bathrooms are an area of the room that see hard daily use. Moisture, dirt, and wear can quickly degrade surfaces, leading to a shabby look that cries out for an update. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, you can choose items that will help it to look fresh and attractive for a longer period of time. Here are some ideas for giving your bathroom a timeless look.

Be Careful with Colors

Tile trends go in and out of decorating fashion. Although you may love a popular color this year, it may quickly become outdated a year or two down the road. Just think of how all of those pink bathrooms from the 80s look now.

Neutral colors allow you to re-design your bathroom with accessory items more easily, for a fresh look whenever you feel like it. Floor and wall tile will should be neutral, both to maintain resale value and to create an easy base for re-decorating.

Opt for Plenty of Counter Space

One of the most important features of well-designed bathroom is that is be “functional.” This means you should incorporate features that will serve you well in everyday life. You can find a wide range of sink types, from elegant bowls to sink troughs, but these may not allow sufficient space for everyday grooming activities. Make sure your bathroom counter space gives you the area you need to complete your daily grooming routine efficiently.

Invest in Good Quality Fixtures

Fixtures should be the traditional colors and the highest quality you can afford. You may be intrigued with the idea of unique color for your bathroom fixture, but unusual colors will make it more difficult to decorate and may not be appreciated by a future buyer of your home.

Incorporate Textures Into Your Design

Natural textures can help to ensure your bathroom provides an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Metals, such as silver, brass, or gold, reflect light and add interest. Wood items provide warmth and a homey feeling. Wicker and rattan add lightness and fun to your décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textured shower curtains and other items.

Add a Splash of Color with Paint

During your bathroom remodeling, if you leave a bit of un-tiled wall space, you will have a clean palette to add more color to your bathroom design. Or maybe you prefer an elegant, textured wallpaper. This bit of wall area will allow you to change the look of your bathroom any time the impulse strikes.

An efficient bathroom can make your day start on a more positive note and can make organization easier. If you keep long-term function in mind, you will be able to create an attractive design that keeps its appeal for many years.