Master your Home Staging Business and Learn from TOP Staging Biz Owners and Experts

We have all been there. Growing a Staging business and struggling with logistics, marketing, supply of Staging items, pricing and more. The ONLY way you will grow past these challenges is to address them head-on and learn what you need to do to SCALE and put systems and processes in place that will streamline your business. The Masters Course is 4 days of in-depth evaluation of your business, and discovery of areas of challenge that we can then help you refine and address.

PLUS it is taught by 3 of the TOP Staging Company owners in the industry! With 50+ years combined experience and over 12,000 properties Staged, you are learning from the BEST of the BEST – and from experts who are CURRENTLY operating businesses! We don’t just talk-the-talk – we WALK-THE-WALK and know what YOU are going through in your business!

REGISTER now and take advantage of the $500 OFF the regular course fee – ASPM500

What your course includes:

  • Two in-depth Business Manuals – ASPM and SCALE
  • Class Time: 8-10 hours per day
  • Warehouse Tour Field Trip and Tour
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Certificate, Pin and ASPM Designation Logos to use

What we cover in the Masters Course:

  • Analyze Your Business Productivity and Profit
  • Review of Best Business Practices – Mindset, Marketing, Operations
  • Marketing Tips and Secrets to Organic SEO that WORK
  • How to Gain More Referrals and Fill Your Pipeline for weeks
  • Growth Strategies to Hit Your Financial Goals – 1, 3, and 5 year plans
  • Discussions of Major Challenges and How to Overcome them
  • Presentation and Speaking Success – Confidence Building
  • Delegating and Team Building – Who and How to Hire
  • Warehousing and Wholesale Buying – Sources, Budgeting, Logistics
  • Pricing Strategies for Profit
  • Obtaining Larger Projects and Developing Niche Services
  • Identifying Areas of Challenge for Growth
  • ASPM® Home Staging communication skills
  • Role playing and overcoming challenges
  • Pricing your services – strategies that win business
  • Profitability Analysis of your Staging business and projects
  • Financial planning for Business expansion, debt reduction, and future retirement
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Obtaining larger projects
  • Inventory purchasing and warehousing including inventory management systems
  • Warehouse Tour
  • Vacant project Tour and Pricing Planning
  • Value Added services for your business
  • Presentation & Speaking Skills
  • Positive feedback/critique about your Presentation skills
  • Building a Team
  • Employees vs. Independent Contractors
  • Best Business Practices for success
  • Business Applications to Streamline Business
  • Marketing and Branding your business
  • Social Media tutorials and tips
  • Goal Setting & Business Planning
  • Targeting specific market niches for add on income
  • Commitment and Accountability