Role of Space Management in Interior Design of Home

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While you will pass through numerous houses throughout the city or your place of dwelling, home is a special place where you feel warm and cozy. Give yourself a 5-star hotel stay over for a night, and I bet you will be missing your shabby old bed and washroom the very next day.

What makes a house a home is the uncontrollable feeling of comfort and the freedom to be yourself without a care in the world. A home unavoidably reflects and speaks for who you are.

According to a recent study by Home Stratosphere, around 11.83% of living rooms follow a modern interior design style while 2701% of bedrooms follow a contemporary design style. On the other hand, around 448,127 out of 1.7 million kitchens and 27.56% of Powder Rooms follow a contemporary design style.

Moreover, 51.58% of living rooms, 53.71% of bedrooms, and 47.88% of kitchens are medium-sized, while 52.05% of Powder Rooms are compact sized. Brown and white colors take the cake as the most popular choice for home interiors.

With that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways space management can play an important role when it comes to the interior design of a home.    

·        Focus on Function, Purpose, and Use

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Perhaps one of the easiest ways to work out your house’s interior design is to simply focus on the rooms and the function that they serve. There are over 72 types of room categories that are simply staggering, including spare room, nursery, study, utility room, panic room, living room, and whatnot.

So if you are all confused about what goes in and what goes out, simply look at the room and the function that has been selected by you to serve.

It will clear up a lot of things. Secondly, the room’s built-in structure can also help you decide the function of the room itself. Naturally, if there is a fireplace with a chimney attached to it, you know that is where your living room will be.

·        Planning for Kids, Pets, & Old Folks

If there is one thing that your home doesn’t need is badly planned rooms and interior design fails. If you live with a family or a group of loved ones, you definitely need to take into account their needs and safety requirements.

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This is especially true if you have kids, pets, or old folks living with you under one roof.

·        The Feel and Vibe You Want

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Another way you manage your room’s space is by simply feeling the vibe that the room itself gives off on its own. There are a lot of people amongst who can simply walk into an empty room and instantly get aroused or fascinated by the vibe of the place.

These help in shooting ideas into their heads or bring a number of notions about what the room should be like once they are done decorating it.

This sort of natural selection is important because if you decide a particular room in your home to serve as a comforting place where you and your loved ones can simply lounge around, then you have a clear picture in your head of what the room needs. This can eventually help you to decide what goes in and what goes out.

·        Feng Shui

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Ancient geomancy that takes its origin in China, Feng Shui, is a truly remarkable pseudoscience. It offers amazing iterations about how things should be placed or organized in confined places.

In fact, there is simply so much to share that it would take a lot of space and time itself to exactly share what it has to offer.

Therefore to keep it simple, I have picked out some of the best advice that Feng Shui practitioners and aficionados can offer you, such as:

  • Make sure that your rooms get maximum daylight during the day and naturally ventilated to promote the passing of good energies.
  • De-clutter your environment and surroundings or simply adopt a minimalist approach so that it makes moving around the room a lot easier.
  • Make sure that you choose furniture and fixtures that have round and smoother corners so that people don’t get hurt running into pointy objects or edges.  
  • Choose appropriate colors for each room where bedroom colors promote tranquility and a soothing place of rest while living rooms and the kitchen colors are vibrant, promoting activity and productivity.
  • Position your furniture and fixtures accordingly so that it promotes the passing of good energy and evacuates bad energy.

·        Taking Advantage of the Focal Point

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Every room in our house has a focal point or a commanding center. To truly experience simply go to our boss’s office and watch where their seat and table is positioned. It makes no sense to have them facing the wall, right? This is because they have to take a commanding place in the room to know what is happening around them exactly.

Similarly you walk into a room, now by simply standing in the room, you should figure out which place in the room offers you the complete and uninterrupted vision of the entire room. That is the commanding center or the focal point of the room.

And it is from here that you should start decorating the interior keep the focal point in focus at all times. Young learners who opt for the best assignment writing service can also use this technique to decorate their dedicated study rooms.

·        Scaled Floor Plan

The scaled floor plan is perhaps one of the most scientifically correct ways of going about decorating your room. It gives you the entire dimensions that you need on a beautifully drawn plan that marks every nook and corner of your house exactly as it is in real life.

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You take one look at the scaled floor plan, and you know where the windows are, where are the entry and exit points of the room are, how much wall space you have, and how much floor space you have.

The more detailed the scaled floor plan has, the more measurements you have in front of you to plan your room’s interior. Hence this probably what most people would use to reach a straight answer to their queries.

For example, a simple look at the kitchen’s floor plan, and you can decide where to place the cabinets and how you could adjust your electrical appliances by simply looking at the measurements and their dimensions.  


Nothing in the world can replace our homes, and we become fairly attached to them. Regardless of what it is like, you grow fondly in love with your humble abode, and it’s only natural that it holds a lot of sentimental value because of all the memories that you brew over the passage of time.

This is exactly why one should consider space management when it comes to the interior designing of their homes.

Once you make these adjustments early on, you are all set for the long-term, plus making these changes are not easy as you also need time to become familiar with the alterations yourself. Cheers, and all the best for your future endeavors!

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