Stagedhomes Celebrates 25th Anniversary! 1999-2024 – over 30,000 people educated in home staging and real estate.® – the World Leader in Home Staging and Real Estate Education® – is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year! In 1999, the first courses were launched to teach real estate agents about the importance of including Home Staging as a key listing and marketing tool, how to communicate with their clients to get the results they want, and how to increase productivity. Courses to teach those who wanted to be a home stager how to establish, market, manage and maintain a successful business were also launched, and an industry began to grow.

The Accredited Staging Partner® Real Estate Agent (ASP®-RE) Course and the Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP®) Stager Business Course originated in 1999. Since that time there have been many revisions and updates, as the industry has grown and changed. A course needs to grow and change as well, and it was in the early 2000’s that the Accredited Staging Professional Master® (ASPM®) Course was launched to help those who wanted to advance their business and refine their skills with regard to pricing, communication and presentations. In 2016, Stagedhomes was under new ownership where a fresh take on the company brand and courses was completed and with that the Master Course was also changed to focus on Scaling a business – building teams, delegating, and much more that is needed for businesses in growth mode. The other courses were also updated to reflect the current market, and content adjusted for today’s real estate professional and home staging professional.

In 2019, Stagedhomes created a new course for those who like the creative aspect of Staging but do not want to run a company, and the Accredited Staging Assistant® (ASA®) Course was launched. This filled a niche need in the industry where larger companies like to hire stagers who have training so they can jump right in and know what to do. This course includes all the same aspects as the ASP® Stager Course, except for the parts about setting up a business, pricing, marketing, business planning, and how to put proposals and consultations together. The Accredited Staging Assistant® Course teaches process, expectations, staging, color, client communication, and real estate process, and how to be a good team members.

CCS® Designation Course

When in-person education came to a halt during the covid pandemic, Stagedhomes pivoted and began teaching Live Virtual Courses, securing Continuing Education Credits for distance learning from multiple states. They also began offering a Self-Paced Webinar for those students who could not take 2-3 days to attend a live course. When courses began being taught in Europe, Stagedhomes® taught professional stagers in Europe to be Certified ASP Course Trainers, and began offering the ASP-RE Course and ASP-Stager Business Course in Europe. Working with the trusted team in Europe, Stagedhomes has facilitated the translation of the courses into Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, with Romanian and Bulgarian in the works, along with German, Polish, and Hungarian. Stagedhomes® created its newest course, the Consultation and Communication Specialist® (CCS®) Course based on the principles taught in the ASP® Stager Course, to help professional stagers understand how to community with clients, themselves and get the results they want when providing Staging Consultations.

The Staging University®

Another resource that is part of the Stagedhomes® long history of providing a success path for its students is The Staging University® – a private online resource for Stagedhomes® course graduates only. It has documents, forms, agreements, templates, marketing materials, presentations, and much more as we do not our graduates to have to “figure it out,” or “recreate the wheel.” As long as a member is in good standing as an ASP® -RE, ASP® , ASA® , or ASPM® , they have access to the Staging University®.

Celebrating 25 Years!

In 1999, another entity was launched in tandem with Stagedhomes®The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) was the first industry trade association in the world established to serve professional home stagers. IAHSP® has thousands of members in 27 countries and growing. All graduates of Stagedhomes courses receive six months to a year of membership in IAHSP® included in their tuition. That is a current value of $125-$250 – and IAHSP® has many resources for success for business owners including an annual conference and expo, added education from courses offered by experts, forms, shared files, vendor discounts, member’s only discounts, partnerships with various platforms you can make money, referral programs, and they provide members with ways to earn income from referrals, developing a course, selling a product or service, and much more.

HyvePro Platform for Entrepreneurs

The HyvePro that is part of the IAHSP® platform and is the first of its kind, was the brainstorm idea of IAHSP® Chairwoman, Jennie Norris, who fleshed out the idea with the director of operations, to launch a community platform for educators, authors, speakers, and service providers – to offer any individual with a course, book, product, podcast, or service the ability to sell them on an open platform. They determine the pricing, and we have the platform that pushes that item out to thousands of potential customers.

Stagedhomes® wants every student to be successful after graduating from one of their courses and takes pride in knowing they had a part in launching the dreams of thousands of small business owners around the world. Some of these entrepreneurs and risk takers have grown into 7-figure companies serving hundreds to thousands of homeowners annually. Agents who have graduated from the courses say it dramatically changed how they did business and increased their success rate of securing listings. Stagedhomes® has always emphasized the importance of education – when people stop learning, they stagnate as they are not growing their minds. Education is the key to success – Let Stagedhomes be part of yours. To learn more go to