Sustainable Home Staging: 4 Tips for Selling Your Eco-Friendly Home

Being a homeowner is something most people dream about for the majority of their adult life. Making this dream a reality will require a lot of hard work and dedication. Roughly 5.2 million pre-existing homes are sold in the United States each year. If you own an eco-friendly home and are looking to sell it, there are certain things you need to do to entice potential buyers in your area.

Modern home buyers are more eco-conscious than ever before. Capitalizing on environmentally friendly home building trends is a lot harder than you may realize. Most areas have a number of great homes for sale in great neighborhoods. Finding ways to make your home stand out is something you should view as a priority.

Not only will you need to show off the eco-friendly features your home has, you will also need to provide buyers with other useful information. Giving potential buyers a breakdown of the home energy rates in your area and providing them with a glimpse into what you pay monthly for energy is a good idea. If you want to find out more about the energy rates in your area, you can check that here. Below are some helpful tips you can use when attempting to stage your eco-friendly home.

1. Put Your Eco-Friendly Appliances on Display

As a potential home buyer tours your eco-friendly home, they will usually pay close attention to the appliances you have in place. If at all possible, you need to print out information regarding the Energy Star rating your kitchen appliances have. Showing a potential buyer just how energy-efficient these appliances are can help you seal the deal.

If you have other environmentally friendly appliance solutions in place like a tankless water heater, make a point to show home buyers these elements. The more information you can give a home buyer regarding the measures you have taken to make your home more energy-efficient, the easier it will be to sell the home and move onto your next residence. Consulting with an experienced real estate agent is a great way to avoid home staging mistakes.

2. Pay Attention to Your Home’s Lighting

Using traditional incandescent bulbs is horrible for the environment. This is why eco-conscious homeowners have made a noticeable shift to LED and halogen lights. During the tour of your home, a buyer may want to know about the lighting solutions you have in place. When these questions arise, you need to show a buyer you are prepared to answer them. Ideally, you want to put up low-voltage halogen lights in your home. Not only are these types of bulbs energy-efficient, they also give off a beautiful white light.

If your home has exterior lights, you probably need to think about using LED bulbs in them. Home buyers that are serious about both environmental conservation and home security will love the fact that you have these exterior LED lights. Showing off other parts of your home security system is also a good idea. Using technology like the Amazon Alexa in conjunction with your home security system is a great way to make your home smart. You can find out more about how to use this technology by reading this handy article.

3. Show Off the Recycled Materials in Your Home

When touring your home for the first time, a home buyer will also look for signs of recycled materials. An eco-conscious home buyer will want to buy a residence that has been constructed with elements that have a limited impact on the environment. Many eco-friendly homes have things like reclaimed wood floors and countertops made from recycled elements.

Showing a home buyer these elements and explaining to them why you chose recycled materials is crucial. Modern home buyers want as much information about a residence as they can to make their decision on whether to buy it easier. Providing this information can help you sell your home in no time.


4. Show Off Your Home’s Sustainability

Another key element you need to highlight when showing your home to potential buyers is its sustainability. This sustainability can come in the form of an organic garden, practices you have put in place to power down electronics while not in use or even the use of indoor plants. Informing potential home buyers about the effort you have put into creating a sustainable environment can help you make a good impression on them. The hard work you have invested in creating an eco-friendly residential paradise will pay of fin the long run.

Don’t Try to Stage Your Home Alone

As you can see, properly staging an eco-friendly home can be complicated. The best way to avoid mistakes during the home staging and selling process is by working with knowledgeable and experienced professional home stagers who are specifically trained to stage properties for sale. A real estate agent is not a home stager although they may be able to recommend one they use. With the help of these professionals, you can get your home sold in a timely manner.

Article submitted by Ashley Lipman.