Tips For Living In A Staged Home

Planning to sell your home? A beautiful home looks really elegant. A clean and a staged home creates a calm experience for buyers. No matter if you want to sell your house or plan to live in it, a staged home always brings order and calm.

Staging a home while you are living in it can be a little tricky. Knowing what to do to prepare your house for sale can be overwhelming. That is why hiring a pro is important as they can provide an objective assessment of your house and provide specifics on what you need to do before listing for sale.

1.  Rearranging The Furniture

When you are staging your house it is important to consider the access through the room and remove or reposition pieces that obstruct the paths buyers will take through the room and house. You can frame an architectural feature with how you position furniture and make sure to create groupings that are inviting. You may be asked to remove furniture to open up rooms and access, and even though this may be inconvenient to be without all your furniture, remember it is for a short period of time compared to how long you have lived in the house, and will get you on your way to a new home.

2.  Use The Spare Rooms

Some homeowners use spare rooms in our house to hang washing and to store random items and unused furniture. When Staging, you want to make every area useful and provide a purpose for the room. Your professional stager will be able to advise you on what the best depiction of use is for any of the spare rooms, and be able to use items you currently have if they are appropriate.

3.  Clean The House

Before anything else, make sure that your house is sparkling clean. Yes, keep the floors shining, clean the windows and also shampoo the carpets. The more clean the house the more fresh the room will look. You need to keep your house picked up and clean for all showings. If this is challenging for you, it is a good idea to hire a professional to clean your home.

4.  Free The Space

Always remember, a clean house that is free of a clutter looks radiant. If you have lots of stuff in your home try to rent a storage unit or utilize your garage space. Do not store unused items in your house in a room. When you get an offer for your house, you will already be partially packed up!

5.  Buy Flowers

Fresh flowers are great for showings and you can put a nice vase of flowers as a table centerpiece or in the kitchen. Do not overuse the flowers to the point of distraction. You also want to add fresh annuals in pots by the front door, and plant them in the ground where needed to added spots of color.

6.  Stage The Outside

Do not forget to make sure that you clean the outside of your home as well. Power wash the walkways, and paint the porch or the front door. It is the first impression the buyers see when they come to the property so make sure the exterior front yard is appealing.

What Not To Do While Staging The Home

There are some things to remember to avoid while in the process of Staging. Use furniture that is to scale in a room. Furniture that is too small looks odd and sparse.

Do not paint the walls with any too dark or too bright colors and instead keep the walls neutral and use artwork and decorative items in tasteful arrangements to add needed color for visual appeal.


Often people think that staging a home needs more planning and it is not even worth it. But it is not true. A staged house looks much better than houses that are not staged. Buyers feel a connection to a house that is prepared for them and are excited about making an offer and turn the house into a home..

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