Tips The Right Self Storage To Choose Facility For First Time Renters

Today, self storage has become a necessity for many homeowners and is essential for varied purposes such as decluttering, relocating, storing fitness equipment, and many more. So, renting a self storage unit is a valuable investment when you are running out of free space. Choosing a storage facility is easy but choosing the right one is a bit tricky for first-timers. Hence, below are some of the tips to help you out.

The Perfect Self Storage Unit Size:

The amount of goods you want to store is directly proportional to the size of the self storage unit that you will require. Many people tend to make the mistake of renting small storage space due to their tight budget, which can be caused due to the inconvenience later. If the space you have chosen is too small, then you would have to pay extra for additional storage space. The best approach that you can make is to know the range of unit sizes that a self storage provider has to offer. Once the desired unit size is chosen, you can make a list of inventories needed to be stored in correlation to the size of the unit. In that way, you can determine the things that are staying in the space and what goes back. Be careful in choosing the bigger unit size as the unused space will become ideal for breeding pests and formation of mold and mildew.

Climate Controlled Unit For Valuable Items

There is a reason why a lot of self storage providers advertise about their company with climate-controlled units. Climate controlled storage is specially designed in a way that it can maintain steady temperatures ranging between 55 and 85 degrees. Although such storage units are available in a limited number of sizes, it is highly recommended for storing items in extreme heat or cold areas. A lot of items such as furniture, electronics, artwork, leather clothing, documents, photographs, and other collectibles require climate-controlled storage units. So, if the items you want to store are of high value then you need to do proper research on the companies that provide climate-controlled units.

Think About Location

Thinking about your self storage location is more of common sense than a necessity as nobody likes a long trip to their storage space. A convenient location for your storage space should be on the top of your priority list. However, it also depends upon the things that you want to store; for example, seasonal equipment required for a specific season. With just a simple Google search you can find a list of self storage units that are near you. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the rates provided by the companies as the facility located at the heart of the city will be expensive. Other than location, you must look for company websites and evaluate their customer ratings and reviews for your own convenience.

Security and Insurance

When you rent a self storage unit, you are entrusting your belongings to that storage space provider. So, you should opt for a storage unit that comes with proper security systems such as alarms and an efficient 24-hour video surveillance system.  The alarms will be useful in alerting the staff when something goes wrong, and surveillance can keep track of troubling activities. Insurance is one such thing that is applicable to your life and every major thing that you own. Along with the security, you must spare some bucks for insurance so that it can be cashed in the occurrence of theft or natural disasters. If the company provides the insurance coverage, then you have made the right choice in terms of storage facilities.

Storage Facility Cost Varies

As most of the storage facilities are independently owned so business owners tend to set their renting costs on their own. Thus, the rates offered will vary from one facility to another as some may charge you on a weekly basis while some monthly. In most cases, the rates are also co-dependent on the size of the unit you want, and its location as mentioned above. The smarter option is to surf around and look for better deals as per your budget and convenience. While shopping around for storage space, you must be aware of other costs such as set-up fees, security deposit, and transport fees.

These tips will be helpful for house owners who are looking to rent a self storage space for the very first time. Once you go through the above points, you will have a proper idea of how to choose the storage facility that suits your needs.

Article submitted by Alyssa Moylan