Top 3 Finishing Touches for Staging a Master Bedroom

Selling your home takes a lot of work. Before you have potential buyers come into your house, you need to consider staging it. You want to highlight your home’s features, without your belongings being too distracting. It’s essential to take out personal items, like photos or heirlooms, and create neutral spaces. 

It was reported by the National Association of Realtors Research Group that 87% of buyers’ agents stated staging your house will make it easier for buyers to envision themselves in the space as a future home. This will make your place sell faster, which is what you want. 

One of the most critical spaces of a home is the master bedroom because this is where the new homeowners are going to spend their time relaxing. Although all areas of the house should be staged, we’re going to go over some finishing touches for a master bedroom that will make it stand out from other homes on the market.  

The Bed 

The focal point of a master bedroom is a bed that looks so comfortable you want to dive right in. When you have potential buyers walk in, you want them to think, “this is where I want to start and end my day.” 

You don’t want to put a huge bed in your space and call it a day. With staging, you want to find the best mattress and bed size for the area. You want one that’s large but doesn’t consume the entire space. Having something too big can make the room look smaller than it is.  For a master, you do want to show what will fit without cramping the walk ways through the room. Accent tables and lamps on either side of the bed should fit easily in the space without overcrowding.

After you find the correct size, you’ll have to stage the bed with nice sheets and covers. You can go out and buy brand new ones. They’ll look fresh and clean for the potential homeowners.  Don’t want to purchase new things? Work with a professional Home Stager. Most have soft goods they will use in staging a property and this help you avoid having to purchase things you don’t want or need. If people are sleeping in the bed, the stager can purchase items they know will work for the target buyer and sell these items to you.

Sticking with light neutral tones for your color scheme is the best way to go. Also, don’t have any distracting patterns on the quilts and blankets. You want the potential buyers to pay attention to the home, not the bedding. Adding an accent pillow can give the room a little color without being too much. 

Touch up the Painting

You could have the nicest furniture and accessories in your master bedroom, but even the smallest smudges, chips, or stains to a wall can make it look unpolished. 

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look newer and increase the value. You should pick something light to make space look larger. Colors like blues and greys have been known to increase the amount a house sells for as the colors are more generally appealing to the target buyer.

Svenja Gudell, one of Zillow’s chief economists, told USA Today that a home with shades of blue sold for about $5,500 more than expected. 

Also, a buyer wants to feel that they can move right into a place without any major renovations. Moving, in general, takes a lot of work, from selling the old house, packing it up, and then unpacking. The last thing people want is to spend hours updating a property when they just want to move in and start enjoying it.  Painting the walls in the master bedroom will make your house more attractive to buyers.

Add Some Life

One of the best thing you can do to liven up a room is to add some fresh elements. Houseplants or new flowers can make a place seem more appealing. A staged bedroom can seem a bit empty, so this is where you can add to the decor.  Do not overdo it – and do not use real plants unless there is someone living in the home who can care for the plants. Faux greenery looks great and does not require maintenance and is used by professional stagers who prepare properties for sale. This is a great finishing touch for the perfect staged master bedroom. 

The Bottom Line

The master bedroom is one of the most critical parts of homes. On average, master bedrooms can take up more floor space than a kitchen or even a family room in a home, so it’s a key feature in buying a new house. 

Having the perfect bed and bedding, touching up the paint, and adding some life to the master bedroom are the best ways to finish staging the room to make it look big, clean, and appealing.  Since the master bedroom will most likely be the sanctuary space for the person buying the house, it is important this room is made to look as appealing as possible.