When is an Interior Remodeling Necessary to Sell an Older Home at Competitive Pricing?

Putting older homes on the market is a tricky business. Sometimes, people want a fixer-upper to redo and sell at a higher price. Often, these homes are undesirable for younger buyers because of the work. To encourage all age groups to bid on your older property, it may be beneficial to do some of the big projects before listing. Here are four excellent projects to consider when you have an older home to sell.

The Plumbing is Over a Decade Old

Any home with old plumbing is liable to have leaks. Some of these problems can be inside walls where it is not visible. While some materials can stand up to long-term use with no problems, it is best to have a plumbing inspection if you believe the system has several years on it. Then, you can show the report to potential buyers or include it in the listing. If you know there are problems or too much age, then it may be best to go ahead and replace the plumbing.

The Foundation Has Settled

Older homes typically have issues with settling. The foundation will shift and move over time. Sometimes, water drainage can loosen the soil beneath the foundation, causing problems with unevenness. You are likely to notice problems like sticky cabinet and closet doors first. Windows that will not raise evenly or get stuck are another sign of a settling foundation. Stair-step cracks along basement walls and water damage in the basement can be signs of larger problems.

The Flooring is Warped

In severe foundation issues, the floors will warp. However, this problem might be because of warping or old sub-layers under tile, hardwoods, or carpet. With older homes, termites, water damage, and thin or outdated materials can sag, break, or wear down. If all you need is to hire home remodelers to repair damaged flooring issues before buyers see the home on open house day, it is essential that you do so to avoid giving the false impression of serious foundation damage. Otherwise, you may turn off people who are looking for a property that is ready to use now.

The HVAC System is Over a Decade Old

With aging central air and furnaces, the quality of the indoor air can get bad. After years of use, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and other debris can get stuck in the vents. If the homeowner does not get yearly duct cleaning and HVAC servicing, then the consumer may pass on a home with old heating and cooling. Plus, many buyers want Smart thermostats.

Fixing things like broken windows is a given. Buyers are looking for older homes that do not have code violations. Giving them a list of problems will show you are offering full disclosure. Other things you can do to improve an old home for buyers is to refresh the lighting, swap out old appliances for new ones, add a modern countertop, and upgrade the fireplace. The key is to see which items will bring the most value in your market, and what makes the most sense for the age and condition of your home.

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