3 Easy Ways To Transform Your Apartment On A Budget

Thinking of doing a complete revamp of your apartment? Decorating your apartment can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are doing it on your own. If you are looking for ways to turn a boring room into an elegant living space, read along for the best tips on how to do so. In most cases, renovating an entire apartment will take much of your time and resources. Yes, redecorating your apartment can be expensive. But as we will see, there are a few ways on how you can upgrade your space even with a tight budget. In this article, we will provide several insights on how you can reinvent and redesign any room in your apartment to reflect your personality while saving a few bucks at the same time.   Make boring things interesting What makes an apartment or any living space boring? It is the color. More often than not, your apartment will have that dull and bland white color interior when you moved in. Since most landlords don’t warrant for any color changes with the interiors, tenants are left with boring white apartment walls. Adding further shelves on the walls is also not allowed in newer apartment buildings. But if you are lucky to not to deal with such restrictions, then we suggest you bring life to your apartment with a few modifications. Use stickers! Painting the entire interior with a new layer of paint can be expensive though. Fortunately, there are other ways on how you can redesign a neutral apartment without using actual paint.   Decorating your wall with peelable stickers is a fast and easy way to add a touch of style to any room in your apartment. There are several wall stickers you can purchase or you can also print out your own design. Give the baby’s room a bit of playfulness vibe to it. By using cute stickers, you can bring out the happiness in the kids’ bedroom or nursery while not spending too much. Sticking the stickers on the wall can also be a bonding experience for the entire family. What’s great about wall stickers is that you can basically peel them off when it is time to move out of the apartment, or if you get a new idea for a fancier space. Not to mention peelable stickers don’t cost that much as well and they won’t damage the drywall and the existing paint. Repurpose, recycle, reuse You may also refurbish old boxes or chests and turn them into great-looking accents for your living room. Vintage chest storages or ammo boxes can be used as coffee tables, TV stand, shelves, chair, and many more. Your creativity is the only limit.     Repurposed old boxes can bring out the sophistication that your living room needs. You can also buy an old carpet from garage sales to go along with your newly refurbished coffee table. If you are worried about stubborn stains on the carpet, there are plenty of carpet cleaners out there that can do wonders! You can even turn an old wooden shutter into a mail station. Simply paint the shutter with fresh paint, install it on the wall, and wallah, you have a multi-purpose shutter that can hold mails, keys, and newspaper. Repurposing anything is something you can be proud off while saving a lot of money. There are several DIY projects you can find online to give old stuff a new life and purpose. It’s all about the lighting Most apartments often have issues with the lack of natural light – making the living space look so small and unpleasant at the same time. Give that dreary apartment with updated light fixtures to transform it into a more restful space. As mentioned in the previous tip, you can basically repurpose anything and turn them into a sophisticated accent in your apartment rental. Instead of buying a chandelier, you can simply make one using unused mason jars. DIY Projects has this easy-to-follow guide on how you can make your very own DIY mason jar chandelier. You may also want to add a few art pieces to main living spaces to add a groovy vibe to your lovely apartment. Whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or a modern art piece, such artworks are surely going to attract attention. If your apartment lacks natural light, you might want to replace the vertical blinds with curtains. Choosing the right color, material, and style for the new curtain can dramatically change the overall look of the living space. Curtains are probably the easiest and quickest ways of adding a bit of style to any apartment space. Light-colored drapes or light-filtering linens can also add more natural lights to any room. You can either buy a new set of ready-made curtains at your local department store or have one made to suit your style and personality. Custom made curtains allow you to choose the kind of material, the style, as well as the perfect size that will complement the feel of the apartment. Renovate on a budget, upgrade in style Redecorating your apartment can be a big project. It can take too much of your time and could also be expensive. If you are looking for ways to turn that dull apartment into an elegant-looking living space, follow the three saving tips above. Designing your apartment to reflect your personality and style would also let you appreciate the space a bit more. Remember, creativity is part of transforming your apartment on a budget.   Sean Hangar is owner and head designer at <a href=”https://customcurtainshurstville.com.au/“>Custom Curtains Hurstville</a> based in Sydney. He has years of experience helping people to make their homes and work places look amazing through his curtain and interior design. With an eye for detail and the best materials available in Australia, his designs are transforming homes throughout Sydney!

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