4 Signs Your Home Isn’t Ready for Listing

While you may be a little eager to get your home on the market, you shouldn’t rush the gun. You want to ensure that potential home buyers can see a home that they’d be proud to call their own. Addressing these four issues first is a necessity before you put your home on the market.

Your Carpets Are Dirty

Carpets are a big expense for any homeowner. For this reason, home buyers want to ensure that the home they’re considering buying has carpeting that looks fairly new. You can take out that dingy look and any stains by hiring a carpet cleaner for your home. This one-time expenditure can do wonders for enhancing the perceived value of your home. The best part is that this fix can be done in a day or two so you can get your home listed quickly.

You Have Cracked Windows

Nothing will detract from the value of your home like having cracked windows. Remember that home buyers are looking for a place they want to live in. When they see cracked windows in your home, it can signal that it isn’t well taken care of. They will likely avoid purchasing your home so they don’t have to worry about the expense of replacing the windows and worrying about what else will need replaced next. Do yourself a favor and install double glazed windows that will allow for a clean look and energy-efficiency.

You Have Undesirable Paint Colors

While your daughter may love that her room is a combination of hot pink and aqua, not everyone will love the color scheme. Realize that you want to impress home buyers by presenting rooms that they can imagine themselves living in. If you have undesirable paint colors throughout various rooms in your home, paint them a more neutral tone. The most popular these days are hues of tans and grays.

Your Driveway Is Full of Cracks

The exterior is the first part of your home that consumers see. You want to ensure that they are impressed from the first moment they lay eyes on your home. While you may have power washed your exterior to make it look sharp, that cracked driveway is drastically detracting from its value. Take a moment to have the cracks sealed and a new seal coat put on the driveway surface. Getting your home on the market can be something that you can’t wait to do. But, realize that rushing your listing too soon can result in disinterest from home buyers. You should be addressing all the four issues above before you ever get your home listed to ensure that it sells quickly.

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